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AAS And Workout Volume?

Should I increase frequency whilee on Var?

I’m down to 185 from 285, I have been at a sticking point for 2 years so I am trying clen/t3/var. Var at 60mg ED

I have been lifting 5 times a week and doing plyometrics. I also boxed 3 times a week. I just moved so no boxing as of right now. I am thinking of trying a 5x5 workout on a 3 day split. Would this be a waste of the var should I use a 5 day program?

I will also perform cardio at least 5 times per week and start to swim. I am mainly looking to cut but lean gains would be great.

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IMO people often tend to overtrain when on AAS. Try the 5x5 workout. I use it at the moment and the results are great. Just make sure you get enough rest through the week, so you don’t limit your gains.

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What does everyone think of the Gironda Workout here.
I am looking to cut bodyfat.