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AAS and Surge Pre-Workout


Any Experiences ?

Although AAS increases the NO levels, and adding caffein pre workout is probably the best.

Im searching for esperiences with the Above.


Are you talking about Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery?


"AAS and Surge pre-workout" = AAS and Surge Workout Fuel


For reasons having nothing to do with no, SWF and AAS has worked very well for me. I don't personally notice a difference at weight such as 85% 1RM and higher, but at 75% 1RM and lower it's astonishing how many more reps I get.


Surge is mostly amino acids, electrolytes, and some glucose/dextrose..sugar of some kind in there for insulin and energy.

Notably it contains Beta-alanine, which has been shown to give some increased endurance and work capacity.

Certainly just because your on AAS doesn't mean you will not benefit from non-androgen related products.

They still work, they just aren't as helpful when your synthesizing proteins like a mad man anyways.


I don't see how or why it should interfere with the nature of AAS.


I think hes under the impression that Surge is a NO product.


My mistake, I was comparing it to NOExplode, Superpump 250,(these are just loads of caffein), then I switched to Expand ceffein free and recoverd my sleep ( I train at night )

Then I found Surge and decided to try this instead of the above. This is where I got confused, there are to many NEW products out here, I was used to good ol METRX, caffein amino .....

the effect I get from this if by FAR superior,



I used to be on Superpump 250 (I like it), and I tried yesterday Surge Workout fuel for my quads work out. I have been really deceived, it did not work for me to the piont that I had to decrease to number of reps.

To date, I tred Nano Xplode, Nano Vapor, SuperPump 250 and Surge Workout fuel. That only that works for me is SuperPump.