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AAS and Suicide Statistic


anyone ever watch the documentary "Superhuman:steroids"?

they said that 1/20 adults who have taken AAS claim to have attempted suicide during "withdrawal" lolz

do you think this statistic was completely pulled out of the directors ass? or that the data or method in collecting the data was just seriously flawed? or maybe its true:O

thought some people might get a laugh at that

does anyone in the forum even know someone who has attempted suicide after coming off AAS?


Did they take into account PCT and whether it was followed? Did they account for pre-existing psychiatric disorders? Did they control for a ton of other things I can't think/conceive of? At face value this study is enormously flawed.


Stupid post is stupid. Thread should be deleted.



Stupid post or not, this wouldn't completely surprise me...

Taking it account what aur426 said, all the different variables, and considering who some of the dumbasses are that choose to use steroids, I don't see it as being completely 'out there' to think perhaps %5 of people who try/use steroids may end up with a suicide attempt.

What is the numbern for the 'general public'?

Also, think about all the youngsters who may end up 'trying' or experimenting with 'roids?' As well as the mentally ill/unstable people...

Anyways, that high school kid who had been using steroids committed suicide so that helped link steroid usage to killing yourself, no doubt.