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AAS and sperm


This is and old doubt so here it goes:

When i?m on a cycle my sperm changes quite a bit. It looses it?s white-like color and turns a lot more liquid, less viscose. Is this a sign of extreme suppresion? Or is it common? Anyone experienced this?


“This is and old doubt so here it goes:”

Whatchoo talkin’ 'bout fool? :slight_smile:

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Never had that problem, but maybe one of the other guys that does really heavy cycles and lots of 'em might be able to give you a better idea…


Betcha post in Spanish you wouldn?t be that great…

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Touche. My spanish sucks. :slight_smile:

I have the same thing, I always assumed its the test causing a low sperm count.

What kind of anti-estrogen do you use during your cycle? Nolvadex can certainly cause that.

i lose volume but the never noticed any change beyond that.

An educated guess (educated because I remember SOME of my HS “health” classes): remember that the ejaculate is composed of 2 substances, sperm AND the clear fluid that allows it to move around. If your sperm count is being suppressed, then there is less of the viscous white stuff swimming around in the clear fluid.

I would expect it to be common in any case that causes lowered sperm-count.