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AAS and Sex

I haven’t tried any AAS but I have done Mag10 and had issues with its effect on my sexual prowess. More specifically, although it didnt actually kill libido for me (like id heard it does for many people), it did make it extremely difficult for me to “nut”. It basically made sex something I needed to avoid unless I wanted girls to think I was impotent or frigid or didnt like them or wtvr. And that’s while on it. For a couple weeks after going off of it I felt like a little bitch who didnt even deserve to have sex even if he’d wanted it.

I can easily see how something like test could even be beneficial to sex by giving u more control, libido, etc. However, I am very curious how AAS other than test - most of all Anavar and Turanabol - would effect my sexual prowess both during and after a short cycle.

The var should have minimal effect on libido. Same with the tbol.

Look for the compounds however that convert to dht if you want a boost in libido, or to offset compounds that cause a lag in libido.

Could anyone explain why MAG-10 was so bad for my prowess and tell about how various AAS would be different?

Simple, it was composed of compounds that did not convert to dht - the hormone responsible for supporting libido, yet had compounds that were suppressive enough to shut down your hpta. That is why the manufacturer recommended you only use it for 3 weeks at a time!

So were the suppressive compounds in Mag10 more suppressive than those in Anavar and/or Turanabol? Or would I be going through the same crap? I understand that Anavar in particular is about as nonsuppressive as AAS can be but I was under the impression that Mag10 was pretty much “safer” than any AAS period. By the way, Mag10 affects my “prowess” almost immediately, not just after weeks of use.

Adding some proviron into the mix will solve any issues you have with any of the orals.