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AAS and Probation

I have a buddy who wants to start another AAS cycle. Unfortunately, right now he is on probation for a DUI. Every now and then he has to take a drug test. He asked me if I knew if they tested for AAS or not. I have no idea so I thought I would ask you guys. Does anyone know what drugs are tested for on one of these drug tests? Do you think he is safe or should he wait until his probation is over? Thanks for the help.

They usually just test for THC/amphetamines and coke.I highly doubt they test for AAS im almost 99.9 % sure.Test blood work is very spendy in $ 200-300 range.He should be fine as long as hes not messing around with other illegal drugs.Just tell him to stay smart and stay safe and out of trouble.

I was in the same boat as your buddy about 2 years ago. I was drug tested once a week. I was on gear, while i was being test. I never go caught. What they are looking for rec drugs not aas.

Beyond the usual recreational drugs, forensic testing starts to cost big bucks. Your buddy is safe.

Thanks guys, I’ll let him know.