AAS and PH Cycle

Ok heres what I wanna do. I have some AAS left over. I kno all oral cycles arent the best but cant get anything else for a good long while. So i wanna use what I have with AndroMass/AndroHard since no stress on liver

weeks 1-3 Dbol 20mg/day
Weeks 3-6 AndroMass/AndroHard
Weeks 6-8 Anavar 50mg/day

Weeks 7-8 hcgenerate 10 caps/day Weeks 9-10 5 caps/day
Weeks 8-12 Formestane or FormaStanzol 3-5 pumps 2x day
Weeks 8-12 Nolva 20mg/day
Possibly some osta-sarms to try out

-got a great first cycle from dbol,test then var. So in a way tryin to do somethin similar

-Wasnt sure about keepin the dbol and var seperate or one after the other. any sugg is appreciated

I don’t think I will get a lot of shutdown so wasn’t sure

Don’t know what andromass is, but the 20mg of dbol and 50mg of anavar are pretty pitiful doses. I would wait until you can get some more and do a full cycle with some test.

looks like shit

The andromass/androhard manufacturer has a claim in its adds that X amount of pills of those things equals a certain amount of injectable testosterone per week - while this looks great on paper, the likelihood of that 2-step conversion process working anything like it says it should is very small, so this will not be anything like your Test/Dbol/Var cycle.

What is HCGenerate? Some pill form of HCG? I can’t imagine this works at all, just like pill forms of GH. But the nolva is good. Honestly, 3 weeks of Anavar at 50mg will do very little… same with 3 weeks of dbol at 20mg.