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AAS and IBS, What Would Help Me?

Good morning,

I as recently diagnosed with IBS and GERD. it has turned my life upside down and have been experiencing a lot of fatigue and pains. Is there any case studies that show the use of AAS or HGH that would help me maintain a semi healthy painless lifestyle with the aid of AAS that I can show my doctors. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Try Digestive enzymes and leave the anabolics alone. Steroids for IBS? Do you even know what a steroid does?

Can you share your links or sources that helped you achieve this recommendation?

They actually use steroids (not AAS) to treat IBS. Corticosteroids will bring down the inflammation which has shown to provide relief.

Link to abstract that backs up Users of Orals having reduced risk of IBS https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14558181

I would recommend to the OP to look around forums of people who have IBS and see if anyone has recommendations there, then I would recommend you just ask your Dr if he could see any issues between IBS and AAS. Make sure to decipher the Bullshit warnings that he is probably required to give from actual advice.