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AAS and dogs


I have a 13 year old weimaraner. Had his nuts his whole life.

About 5 months ago they started swelling, took him in and turns out he had testicular cancer.

Removed testicles, cancer did not spread thankfully (they said it was 'slow moving' kind).

Since the surgery, he has not been the same dog.

He has NO DRIVE. He has NO MOTIVATION. He sleeps ALL DAY.

I know he's old and has some arthritis in his hips but I think the zero testosterone is really hosing him.

Shoulda seen the look on the vet's face when I asked about hormone replacement therapy.

My dog is depressed. He's gained ~12 lbs, gone from 80-82 lbs to 93-95 lbs. All fat, he feels like mush now when he used to be hard as a rock.

HRT?? He doesn't even chase poon anymore or hump anything.


No doc, I swear, they're for the dog.


sounds like me after a long night of rough sex.


well winny is/was originally for horses. I can't imagine that there isn't someone somewhere on the internet who can (un)fix your dog.


If he's that bad off, put him to sleep.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is selfish to keep a dog suffering.


Winny shoud be fine mate. Here's some info.



I would have put 'em down when I found out he had cancer. I'm sorry a dog without no nuts is worthless, just like a man. So either shot'em up or put him down. Gotta suck to not have any nuts.


My dog's nutless.. I dont think I'll be putting him down anytime soon....


Too bad for him. I once had a dog that I nurtured, and he came to me the next day and asked me to kill him. So I did. Hoped this helped.


NEW 'Alpha Male Dog' from Biotest!



I think you're unlikely to find a vet willing to give your dog AAS.

Has the vet has eliminated every other possibility as to why your dog is lethargic? It's not from the medication he was on post-surgery?

If it were me, and I was sure his behavior was due to having his nuts removed and nothing else, I'd give him some testosterone. Find a veterinary medicine textbook and see if there is a dosage range suggested for hypogonadic dogs. Make sure you know how to inject with proper technique.

If this doesn't help things, put him down.


i have a 10 yr old neutered male aussie that i rescued 3 months ago. he was really fat and atrophied muscles 75 mg test cyp a week and he's doing great. only problem is that he humps other dogs at the dog park. how would any of us feel if our nuts were removed and no form of replacement? its not healthy. i wouldn't use winny or anything else but test


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I disagree with putting him down. How do any of you who have prescribed this KNOW that his dog is suffering or miserable? His behavior has changed, but does this mean he's no longer capable of enjoying his master's companionship, and vice-versa?


Ok I'm not putting him down. He's a good dog, still has years left. It's the 100+ degrees everyday with the heat index here, I'm sure thats not helping.

He's not on any post-operation medications.

I've been to 3 vets. They all say the same thing. Old big dog, lost his nuts, etc. Not willing to help.

EXACTLY. He still does follows commands, does tricks, hangs out while I work outside, etc.

He's 93-95 lbs.

Ok, I am researching doses.

I wouldn't say he is a 'diamond' about injects. Where are you doing them? At the vet I always see in the neck fat area.

Also, I know this isn't the place but I have to actually find a good source. I don't want to open that can of worms in this thread, but I'd have to figure that out.

I was suprised at the # of positive responses... thanks guys.


^^^^ That dog is fucking adorable. You can tell he's a good friend. Put me solidly in the "give him TRT" camp. Let him have the benefit of some T coursing through those doggie veins in the last part of his life.


There isn't a vet around who is going to believe this is for the dog.


Because the dog is "suffering"?

He's been neutered. Many people do this on purpose.

I don't even have anything ethical against it, I just find it funny so many in this thread think the dog is the one who wants it.


Really? Come on man.

I don't need/want AAS right now. Maybe in 5 years.

Back on thread topic, that I actually want to help my dog.

Thanks for the positive replies. I'm researching dosing and HRT in humans.

You don't 'cycle off' HRT right? I really don't know much about AAS.

I know humans need PCT. Would that be applicable?


You don't cycle off or need a PCT because HRT is for life.