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AAS and Cardio

I have read several posts/articles discussing the effects of AAS on cardio performance (ie Tren bad, EQ good), but little discussion on what types of cardio you should consider if you are at a weight which likely exceeds your bodies natural limit and thereby increases your risk of injury do to impact.

Also, key to consider in one which spreads the fatigue as opposed to just hammering your legs. Running is great, but my joints take enough of a beating from power cleans, box jumps, and brazilian jiujitsu.

My thoughts:

  1. low intensity: I like to use the eliptical machine, focusing on putting a good effort in with my arms and chest. I look for around 80rpms and to keep my heart rate at 70-80% max (Max HR = apprx 220-age)

  2. High intesity: The rowing machine is your best friend. Have you ever seen an Olympic Rower? They are huge. I like it because it allows me to hit my quads, biceps, back, and hamstrings without any ballistic impact. I tend to row intervals.

Today for example I rowed 200m intervals with 1m rest (still rowing) looking to adv about 300-350 wats during the interval. You can litterally feel the fat melting off.

  1. Recovery/day off: I hit the pool, swim maybe a 1000 yards mixed stroke (free, breast, kick, back). I have noticed if i get a decent swim in after a hard lift, I am not nearly as sore.

How I put this in practice
AM workout= Eliptical 20 min, 2 four move 3 set cicuits (I train for Jiujitsu not body building), 20-30 min rowing

Your thoughts:?

I think it all depends on your goals. If you are bulking, then lots of high intensity cardio wouldnt be ideal and would probably cause a fair amount of stress on your joints and ligaments. In this case, maybe some low to moderate cardio is best.

If you are cutting, and actually doing that (cutting) then moderate to heavy intensity cardio shouldnt be an issue because of weight. However, it also kind of depends on what compounds being used too. Some drugs like Winstrol have been known to contribute to joint and ligament issues.

What worked for me on my first cycle was the fact that I did joint and ligament strengthning excercises and movements before I cycled. I believe that this helped with the stress being placed on them from the rapid weight gain.

Im a big fan of excercises that work the whole body. So for low and high intensity cardio, I like swimming, running, and rebounding. These are great, especially rebounding! It allows you to work your whole body to some capacity and not place a lot of stress on joints.


I love Bas Rutten’s MMA workout, hitting the heavy bag, sprints, running, pushing my car (a new found love this year).

And combining Test, EQ and TrenE, yes Tren, I had superb recuperation and better cardio! I admit I didn’t expect that but this combo didnt kill my cardio, far from it.