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AAS and Bleeding Disorders


Anyone have any experience, and or information on the effects of AAS on people with bleeding disorders, specifically haemophilia?

I have heard of it used to treat platelet defficiencies, but nothing else.

Google only gives articles about AAS or bleeding disorders, nothing between them.

Edit: The only thing I have right now is Test Enth.


Have you talked with your doctor about this?


Interesting topic, if you find more information please post it here.


No, my Dr. buys into the media hype that steroids rot your liver and are as dangerous as heroine.

I've never heard of a bleeder like me even lifting weights, so I can't imagine I'll get much anecdotal advice.


Sorry to hear that. I thought perhaps in Canada they might be more enlightened than that. But it's the same with most GPs in England, so I'm not surprised.


As I always point out, you can and should switch to a doctor who will support you, not berate you. This does not mean a pro-AAS MD, but rather one who understands that you will do whatever you decide to, and he or she can only try to help minimize the health effects.

In terms of bleeding disorders, DO NOT begin injectable AAS use if you have hemophilia without talking to your doctor.

Hemophilia, as I am sure you know, means that blood clotting is in some way inhibited (there are various types and severities, so hemophilia is a class, not a condition specifically), leading to excessive bleeding.

IM and Sub Q injections are often used with hemophiliacs, but only after assessing the severity and type of hemophilia. If you were to hit a blood vessel, and are not on the proper-clot inducing medications and supervision, such a mistake could be dangerous.

This does not mean you can never inject AAS, but please talk to a doctor before doing so. Be aware that nearly any good doc will try to talk you out of AAS use, will try to give you a list of health risks, etc. But a good MD should and will support you, even if you do something that is a health risk.

In terms of contraindications of AAS use with those who suffer from hemophilia, I am not aware of any other than IM injections. There is some information linking AAS and hemophilia as causes or risk factors of compartment syndrome. Having this condition while using AAS may increase such risk.

A good doctor should be able to tell you any and all increased risks.



I have mild Haemophilia A, factor 8 deficiency. I have had Intramuscular injections before, they were no big deal. I'll try to find another Dr. though.

I guess oral steroids would be better in this situation?


Do you know what severity your Hemophilia A is characterized as? This would be classified by your percent of active F VIII?

Being that you have had IMs before without issue, you most likely fall in the moderate or mild category.

I do not feel oral-only cycles are a reasonably safe alternative for most, but if you are worried about bleeding issues, they may be your only alternative. The only way to tell is to ask a doctor.

One tactic in talking to your doc may be to talk about IMs in general, suggesting the need for vaccinations in traveling to a foreign country. You could bring up concerns regarding if the nurse of physician were to hit a blood vessel, etc. Of course, full disclosure is best, but some medical advice is better than none.


My haemophila is classified as mild. I have two brothers that have it as well and all three of us have had IM shots without any problems.

I was more concerned with possible side effects, besides the normal ones.

Also, does anyone find AI/SERMS harder to find that AAS? Finding a source for Test, etc was easy but PCT and AI stuff is more rare here in Manitoba.