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AAS and AI Dosing Schedule

Wanted some clarification on the ideal times to take AAS dose, AI dose. here is a link to my cycle Cycle For Your Review
I usually use AAS first thing in the morning(I’m in the gym about an hour or so after I get up). I’ve heard you can avoid (sleep through) the Adex sides if you take it before bed. When should I take HCG? Just looking for clarification so I can get the most out of this cycle. It’s the most thought out one I have done (ashamed to say)

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the time of day you take your AAS, adex and/or hCG is about as relevant as your star sign.

Just do it whenever’s convenient and easiest for you to remember

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yeah, one of the side effects of AI’s and SERMs is drowsiness, so it’s easiest to take them before bed.

for instance, i get insanely tired from Aromasin if i take it in the AM, so i just take it at night (with supper).

i believe that this is due to estrogen potentiating the excitatory hormones (i think it’s glutamate, in this case). a significant drop in E2 would have the reverse effect…

HCG would not cause this issue, so you can take it any time…

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