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AAS & Aerobic Performance

A few weeks ago, I commenced a cycle and training method specifically aimed at improving my short-set (maximal) anaerobic performance, as well as long-set (sub-maximal) aerobic performance. My primary (and presumably wise) compound of choice was HGH, for its purported ability to improve the latter to some degree.

Within a matter of weeks, I can attest that I began to notice a difference in the efficiency with which my body burned up and consumed stored glycogen. I began to notice the point at which I hit the proverbial “wall” (when the body switches from aerobic to anaerobic) was being pushed further ahead. I’m hesitant to attribute this solely to either my training method, or the GH, because I had neither pushed myself quite as hard, nor ever used GH. All I can say is that it helped, I don’t care what Roger Clemens and other baseball fans say.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I became curious what other available compounds might either act synergetically with, or substitute for GH. More specifically, I was looking for what would cover grounds that GH left behind, namely maximal performance. Quarter-mile sprints, in my case.

For seven days I upped my intake of iron and protein-rich foods (as well as low-GI carbs and poly/monounsaturated fats) while adding an extra liter and a half of water before bedtime in combination with 75mg of oxymetholone (Anadrol). My daily caloric intake did not change much, if at all. I merely substituted macronutrients to enhance RBC production through more hemoglobin.

In conclusion, I’m almost certain my timing could be greatly improved, but regardless of that I have noted a considerable and noticeable increase in both aerobic (stamina) and anaerobic (explosive speed) performance while using both of these and maintaining a strict “cutting” diet. What the direct mechanism is, if any, I am not entirely sure of other than the erythropoiesis. But given oxymetholone’s potency in countering muscular degeneration and anemic side-effects (not to mention its high androgenic score), as well as GH’s contribution to RBC production (and strong anabolic score), I’m lead to believe these two compounds played an important role. My 400 meter dash went down 2.5 seconds and I knocked 47 seconds off my 2-mile run time.

Anybody else out there who cares about cardio with a similar story of AAS and improved agility? I’d love to hear some.

I had a buddy of mine claim he had amazing increases in aerobic capacity and extremely diminished recovery time in between sprints when using IGF1 for a couple months.


Well, once I did just gh with no AAS for about three months. I did 5ius ed, split up into am and pwo. At the time, I was trying to lose some size for a triathalon, so along with a very low carb diet, I was doing a tremendous amount of cardio- 50min. on the stairmaster twice a day, and 30 min after weight training. Certain days, I would go 90mins on the bike followed by a 10 mile run. This was all with under 100gms carb/day, generally pwo or split up after each workout. Sorry to keep rambling, but the point is, the gh helped my cardio output tremendously.


When I did my first cycle of sust and anadrol I was playing a lot of basketball. Usually after I lifted I would play 3-4 pick up games in the gym. I realize that at no time during a basketball game will you ever sprint a 1/4 mile but it is definitely aerobic in nature. In first 6 weeks of the cycle while using 50mg/day anadrol I noticed my performance on the court was outstanding.

I wasn’t shooting any better, actually I shot worse due to increasing muscular strength. But I never got tired, I could go 100% the entire time. Usually fatigue was a limiting factor to my game, I would get tired and then not go hard for a couple plays until my wind came back. If I had done any form of timed distance sprints or even long runs I’m sure I would have some concrete numbers to contribute.

I didn’t notice any significant improvement in aerobic capacity on 500mg, 600mg or 800mg of test, but at 1500mg per week I am absolutely indefatigable.

1.5g per week? Sweet Jesus. I hope you’re taking something to draw down the SHBG build-up.

I thought I was gonna be more impressed by my aerobic capacity from EQ.

I was very impressed by test’s effect on both explosive speed and endurance (my best results were on just test, the higher i ran it the better it got…I only went as high as 300mg E3D).

I remember reading somewhere that olympic track athletes got really good results from just plain test. Ben Johnson ran his 9.77 on winstrol but that wasn’t all he had used, just what he got caught with in his system the day of the race. I would assume TNE would be the best way to go in the weeks leading up to a big race if you were being tested.

I thought Ben Johnson’s urinalysis came up positive for HCG (that he thought was HGH). Or at least that’s what I remember hearing a long time ago.


[quote]Contrl wrote:
I thought Ben Johnson’s urinalysis came up positive for HCG (that he thought was HGH). Or at least that’s what I remember hearing a long time ago.[/quote]
I read somewhere johnson tested positive for stanozolol

Pinning about 600mg test prop/week, and i’ve definitely noticed a huge uptick in my endurance. I can go and go and go on the stairmaster and treadmill - and it feels good. I actually have to be careful that I don’t get excited and do too much…LittleRunt