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Aaron Carter - Mass Monster Steroid Freak


The former teen heart throb Aaron Carter leaned up, and by the looks of the pics in the following article may weigh 150 lbs.

But look at the comments people left... steroid accusations over and over and over again.

THIS is what people think a body built by steroids looks like...

This comment is a prime example:

"Steroids and HGH. I guarantee it. Body builders and athletes who don't juice don't look like that. Only pro wrestlers and bad actors have that specific shape."


Wow,22? He looks so old. Yes,the comments made my head hurt.


your avatar has made me feel much better about this situation.


You jelly of his natty gains, brah?


Would you guess this picture to me that the reputation of bodybuilders?


"Even with his little muscles straining all over he still doesn't look like a very strong person. He could probably throw a punch but any normal 185lb cow-eating American could take him down by leaning in his direction."



looks like shit


would you guess this picture to me that the reputation of bodybuilders?


"30lbs of ripped lean muscle without juice in one year?? You should not speak about things you have no clue about."



I wish people would stop taking pictures of my bum leg.

Milk and cookie time.


The only thing gayer than bashing your uvula with a kielbasa while beatin it to a Richard Simmons workout video is starting a thread about a fucking gossip column where the subject is some half assed wannna be fucktard and how stupid the comments are.

And that is exactly what the OP did.


gayer still is replying to it with haterade.

you're the fucktard if you didn't get the point of the thread that the general public believes steroids are needed to build up the small amount of muscle he has.

that's relevant to a bodybuilding forum, on the get a life section no less.

but keep policing the forum on a saturday night! i'm so sorry for posting on your forum master!


It's Sunday man


Stop bossing with this representation of the reputation of the day.


I think us with the appearances agree of.

However, the needless for the being just because the. Not that our disagree much the things of, just when the thing of circumstances for.

You know?


Will you tell the correct? Or do disagree me?




After watching your avatar about 10-20 times I don't particularly care about anything in the world anymore.


Wow, I used to look like that...

When i was 12......... Jesus they really think that's AAS?


Holy crap...there are psychics on Twitter.

But then, I can tell by her writing that she is an obese 20 something living with a roommate and two cats who hasn't been laid since "Bye Bye Bye" was a hit.

The powers are contagious.