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Aakarsh M's Training Log


Hey! Beginning my training log, going to start writing on it tomorrow once I finish my Pull workout. I am currently on a PPLRPPR workout routine. Eating 2800-2900 kcal/day on workout days and 2650-2700 on off days (I might just do some abs on off days).

Trashy physique right now, goal is to build muscle and then cut down.

I’m 6’ in height, South Indian, 153-154 lbs, light as shit, but fat. (24-25% bf I’d guess).

Gonna see how it goes, if I don’t build any muscle until October, might as well just cut down completely to Auschwitz and start again. Tired of this cycle bullshit.

In Really Bad Condition, What Should I Do?
In Really Bad Condition, What Should I Do?
Genetics Got Me, Guys. I Just Can't Do It

dude this has been said on your other thread but ill say it again because you don’t seem to be taking ANYTHING away from the mountains of advice you’ve been getting. the words “if i dont build any muscle by october” shouldn’t be in your fcuking skull. It should be more like “If i don’t build any muscle by October of 2018, than ill re-evaluate my plan”

How about this: give your self 8 months, not 2 and a half. 80% of the people on this site have been training for 5+ year and most of them more than that. So seriously knock it off with the whole notion of going “full Aschwitz”, because that bullshit is hands down one of the stupidest and ass backwards things I’ve ever heard.

Eat your food, train hard, log everything in here, ask for advice when you need it, and don’t bitch or complain about “no gainz” and your “trashy physique” (WHICH ISN’T EVEN THAT BAD of a template to start out with) until next Spring. but most of all STOP this woe is me stuff you keep bringing up. It is going to take more than till October, its going to take YEARS. So either sack up and start walking or get off the road.

That being said, you can achieve this, just quit being so damn negative about it. Enjoy it for Christ sake.


Well in all honesty you should be pumped because it looks like you’ve come a long way from that picture. And another rule, STOP TALKING ABOUT DIABETES!! you’re not going to get it from being fat probably ever cause you are not even close as to as unhealthy you would have to be. and if it runs in your family and people tend to get it young, that isn’t really an issue either i have an extremely close friend who is pretty in shape and got diabetes when he was 16.

You’re going to be fine man. Now go eat something like right this minute.


Thanks bro, glad to hear that man. Alright man, next post is the log(semi until I update food) for today.


Training Log Entry #1: 16 August 2016

Today is Push day, I am going to do the following exercises (in the following order):

Note: I was planning to do pull, but that was going to mess up the gym cycle (PPLRPP) due to holidays

Barbell bench: 1x5 - 40kg, then 3x5 - 41.5kg then AMRAP - 15 reps 31kg
Overhead Barbell press: 7, 6, 5, 6 - 24kg for all sets
Dumbbell Chest press: 1x8 - 15kg each hand (pec felt weird so stopped)
Cable cross over from bottom to top for upper chest: 3x12
Dumbbell Lateral raises; 3x12 - 7.5kg each hand.
Tricep rope push down: 3x12
Tricep one handed dumbbell extension (slow eccentric portions) - 3x12 - 5kg each hand.

Only going to rest 45sec-1min on the isolations

Happy with bench as I did proper form and proper touching all reps on my own. Hoping to increase 6 lbs next session. Bullshit overhead press tho… I’ll get there eventually.

I’ve attached eating for today. Though it says 2740, I probably ate a little more due to some veggies/sauces from Subway.


you just might be doing it wrong
check these guys out
your country
your people


Lol! Thanks for that haha.


figure what they eat is common in your country
their diet should be easy for you to do
same general body type and genetics
if they can do it you can


They only eat roti, dal, idli, dosa. I used to eat those. A lot. But lol, look at the nutrition facts…


look at them
look at their results
look at their workouts
they made the news in u.s.
look at you
look at your results
look at your work outs
have your results made the news
which do you want?
always look to who gets results


India has a long tradition of big strong wrestlers. Most of their diets consisted of nuts and yogurt and milk, with lots of bodyweighr exercises like lunges and pushups. Imagine what you could do with modern diet and exercise.


Training Log Entry #2: 17 August 2016

Today I am doing the Pull workout.

Bent over (45 deg) Barbell row: 3x5
Lat pull down: 4x12
Lat straight arm pulldown: 3x12
Negative chinups: 3x6
Incline DB curl: 3x8-12
Face pulls: 3 sets, rest pause after first set of 15 seconds.
Dumbbell Shrugs: 3x12, heavy with some cheat. Not going to hold at top.


This isn’t always the case. Phil Heath has results, but used roids, so fuck that. What works for someone might not work for others,


5x Mr. Olympia
everyone he faced on the olympia stage used riods
but he won 5x
was not the riods,they all used
maybe because he was able to visualize his goal
and obtain the knowledge to reach his goal
to apply what he learned in the gym and his life to succede
just like anyone else who reaches their gaols

learn what works for you


Training log: August 18 2016: Rest day today.

Ate a decent 2500 kcal as activity was low, and maintenance is 2350, this was still a small surplus.


Training log: August 19 2016: Push day

Haven’t done legs for a while due to some sort of knee problem when the squat position appears. This happens ever time I squat so I stop squatting for weeks then start again and bam again the pain appears. Its due to 2 of the “semi-bones” colliding inside.

3x5 bench press - 43.8kg = 96.36 lbs. Still really fckin shitty, but slow progress is still progress.
2x5, 1x6 OHP - 26kg = 57lbs. Happy with this.
2x12, 1x11 Dumbbell Chest press - 15kg = 33lbs. Weak as f
ck, but…
3x12 lateral raises - 7.5kg
3x12 rope pushdown
2x10, 1x12 one handed dumbell tricep extension, slow negative, pause at the end, 5 kg = 11lbs per hand. Fucking trash for now.

The reason why I have some calories left at the end is because some foods I had no macros, but I feel were dense enough (PB, one more bread, some cereal…).


Training log: 20 August 2016: Rest day.

**** was going to do pull today, but traps are still extremely sore from heavy cheat shrugs (25kg dumbell, I know, I know, not heavy for you, but heavy for me lol).

Fucked up today and had a cheat day. I feel bad, I went out that’s why I had the cheat meals. Anyhow, 4-5 slices dominos pizza cheese burst, 1 subway tandoori chicken, 1 stuffed garlic bread (dominos).

Fucked up hard, but I worked out my abs so I get something out of it at least.


I still trained my legs while recovering from an ACL rupture and reconstruction. If you want to train legs, I don’t think this should limit you. Feel free to check out my log for ideas.


In for progress!!!

You should add more Ls.

Make sure your knees are forced out keeping the weight on the outside of your feet. Also, post video and people will help.

Next Squats and deadlifts are ideal but not necessary to train legs. Training legs is necessary. Nothing packs on more heavy meat than legs muscles, nothing burns more calories than leg muscles (they are the largest and most used). Also, your body wants to be in balance, it won’t let you grow 18" guns with tiny legs. It makes no evolutionary sense that you can’t carry what you can curl…to your body.

Substitutions for Squats in order of ideal to less ideal, keep going down the list until you find one you can do.

Front Squats
Squat Deads or Trap bar low handled
Lunges (should be doing these regardless)
Sumo Squats
Landmine Squats

Off the top of my head that is what I can think of.


Thanks for saying that man, it really gives me motivation.

I would, but I cannot recover from it, I have too much DOMS from a leg workout. For almost the whole week.

I am in the process of moving to Canada atm, so I’ll make a video when I get there (early Sept). Also, my knee is still recovering so 10 days will do it good and then I can squat properly again.

Thanks again bro!