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AAHL All Star Game 2011-Vote Please



Derek Nova, in the "Forwards" column......vote please...thank you.



Done. Looks like he's ahead of the other forewords, too.


Thanks, brah! I dont know whether or not to thank T-Nation for that lead...but it is kind of a blowout at this point. lol

I'll asumme T-Nation helped out and say thanks to everyone that voted for my boy.


Knowing you fuckers my dude will lose "mysteriously".


Just at the last moment


I heard he sucks. Why should I vote for him?


Because you are loyal to the RAPE ACE!!!!! brand.


I'll vote for him if you put that pissed off looking goth chick back in your avatar.


why is there an unexplained asterisk next to his name?


I will as soon as my hub stops being sick. If you're interested, I can probably get you some nude autographed posters....the girl is a friend of mine.


What you trying to say?


I'm trying to say that when I see an asterisk and I scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what was so goddamn important that it required an asterisk asking me to scroll down to the bottom of the page there had better be some fucking text at the bottom of the page or I get pissed off.

So you don't know why there was an asterisk Count? Or are you hiding something from me?


Yes, but is HE loyal to the RAPE AXE!!!!!!!! brand?


I plead da fif.


His daughter's name is RAPE AXINA!!!!!!!!!!

How about that for commitment and layalty?