Can someone help with this?

Sets per Muscle Group: Chest 10, Back 10

Movement Plane: Horizontal

Examples: Flat Barbell Bench, Barbell Rows, Seated Cable Row (both back movements using a pronated grip with the width the exact same as bench press)

Reps: 3

Load: 80% of 1RM

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets (i.e. train chest, rest 60 secs, train back, rest 60 secs, train chest, rest 60 seconds, etc)

Can someone give me other examples of exercises they use for each day of the routine?

Do you just use 2 exercises per day?

I cannot do any pull-ups.

This is a gaol of mine, as I have never been able to do even one. I have always been over-weight.

Yes, just use two exercises. Replace pull-ups with pulldowns using the same hand position.

Can someone give me other examples of exercises they use for each day of the routine?
day1: bench press/barbell row
day3: Front squat/floor pike/standcalf
day5: Military press/Latpulldown
day7: Deadlift/Crunch/Seatedcalf
I use Floor pikes,Military presses and Lat pulldowns because I’m not strong enough to perform the original exercises
(Hanging pikes,Dips,Pullups) with the combination of loads,sets,reps proposed by CW in ABBH1. Anyway yesterday I performed day 27 of ABBH1. I’m quite happy of the results.

WOW! really only 2 exercises per day. That would only take 20 minutes or so, is this right? So you are only doing 60 reps total for both exercises? in reps of 3, sets of 10?

That’s correct, you should be at/near failure on the last rep of the last set. You’ll probably be very sore from this style of training.

Hotrox, in my personal ABBH1 experience, workouts lasted from 20 to 50 minutes. Day 23, (10X5,Deadlift,abs,calves) was the longest one. As CW said, the last 2 or 3 sets are usually demanding and I experienced a slight soreness after these ABBH1 workouts.

I growed (yes, I know)… and raised some maxes on ABBH…

I think maybe it was the “focus” of each workout and the ability for the muscle groups to fully recover since I’d been doing more whole body style workouts prior.