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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I'm done




Also forgot to mention, I have monitored body temp it comes back pretty consistently at 98.6


pretty fucked up test and prolactin… i don’t know what do U want to do about it, but… if you want to keep it "natural’, you could use some HCG and Anastro, to increase your test and make more free test with Anastro, protecting you from gyno, since you have a lot of fat in chest. You need to do some Carber too, to control prolactin.

If you want the dark side, use some testosterone (it can be Enantate/ Cyp/ Prop or anything you want), some Anastrozole or Arimidex plus Carber (for prolactin), and I woud add some t3 and t4 for optimal general metabolism.

Diet with mid/ low carb and high protein, maybe cutt carbs in some refs to increase fatloss…