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A7-E Stand Alone


After reading the "HOT-ROX Overnight" thread, I figured that we should get a show of hands to see how many of us would be willing to buy some A7-E on it's own, so we can incorporate the fat burning benefits of Max Strength HOT-ROX while also utilizing supplements like Spike or Carbolin 19. Count me in, I'll definitely buy some. How about everyone else?


Yes...count me in for five bottles as soon as a stand-alone A7-E product is available. As alot of the members of this site tend to take something like contraindications seriously, it REALLY sucks that we have to pick between Spike, Carbolin 19 and a great fat burner like HOT-ROX.


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Count me in too!


Great idea! I would use it to decrease the catabolic effect and increase protein synthesis during the sleepfast.




count me in.


Put me down for a couple!


I think I recall TC stating recently, in another thread, that they were having trouble generating enough A7-E for HOT-ROX. Consequently, a stand-alone product wasn't feasible.

Perhaps that has changed...


I'm in.