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A1 A2 Confusion


i want to try "the art of warterbury" program but have a question about the a1 a2 antagonist thing.

"For those of you not familiar with the "A1, A2" labels, they refer to the order in which you'll do the exercises. For example, on chest and back day you'll do a set of bench presses (A1), rest for the set amount of time, then perform a set of chin-ups (A2)"


"That's why you should be super setting them. ie A1 and A2 are a super set"

should i rest between a1 and a2 or not? i always thought supersetting means a1+a2 and then rest.


yeah, A1, rest for X time, A2, rest for X time again, A1 .....


If there are rest periods prescribed, then go with those. The term superset does indicate what you mentioned (no rest), so if it's being used where a rest period is prescribed, it's being used inappropriately (or perhaps just too loosely).