A Yr Later, 6 Months on T, What a Difference

A year ago, I was completely broken hearted. Following the “Eat To Live” lifestyle wasn’t working. Had zero self worth. No energy, no libido. Seems just watching FoodTV mad me fat.

I was vegan, no drinking or drugs, tried to hit the gym a couple times a week - no real energy or gains.

It was bad. Convinced I was just getting old and that was the way it was.

My docs told me to exercise more, watch what I eat, and do more cardio.

I told them WTF.

March this year I started TRT. Amazing results at first, but because I was on too high a dosage (each week 200MG T, 2mg AI, 1000 HCG), I blew thru my sweetspot.

In my case, since I have low SHBG, too much T is just as bad as no T.

Thanks to KSMan and his counsel, I cut my dosage in half. Tested. Titrated. And much closer to where I need to be.

Pix on left was a year ago. Right on right taken yesterday.

Now, I am no where ripped like some of the strapping lads here. But I offer it up to any old farts that might have been deep in the weeds like myself.

I still have a long way to go, but at least I am finally making progress.

In February, I barely existed. Brain fog, little energy to do anything. Now, high intensity workouts 4-5 days a week, 90 minutes per session.

Like I said, simply amazing.

Keep the faith, don’t give up.


I have low SHBG and my results are completely discouraging. Few questions for you

  1. What is your SHBG?
  2. What is your protocol? Do you inject cypionate?
  3. Did TRT have an impact on your sex life-libido, erections, etc?

Thank you

  1. I’ve never tested my SHBG directly. Early summer, I tested for TT and FT. My FT was off the charts, so I inferred that’s because my SHBG was too low. And given my “belly”, not hard to believe.

  2. Following bro-science, I’ve gotten into the EOD injects of T-Cyp and HCG. I am doing 14mg of T and 250 of HCG. While I have some Purity research chem, my doc also gives me anastrozole. I break the 1mg dosage in half and do that 2x week. I recognize I could optimize my AI dosing, but I am leary of research chems.

I have seen a marked improvement on the lesser dose, more frequently.

  1. My libido pre-TRT was non-existent. No morning wood, mediocre orgasms, flag at 2/3 mast. When I did my original TRT dosing (200MG week), around 3-4th week, I had the wood of a 15 yo. And then I shot thru the sweetspot. Libido diminished, orgasms lessened.

As mentioned, I followed KSMan advice… Lowered my dosage and a few weeks later, things in the bedroom greatly improved. My GF is nearly 20 years younger than me (dirty old F I am), so I am sensitive on preformance issues.

One final note.

Right before I started TRT, I did a ton of research about this issue. One thought that stuck in my mind was “TRT improves your Quality of Life.”

Being the nerd that I am, I had to google what “quality of life” meant.

Round one of TRT (the high dose), around the end of the first month, I kept telling everyone, “You cannot believe how good I feel.” Was if I won the lottery. I walked around with shit-eating grin 24x7.

And I opine, as I blew thru the sweetspot, I lost “touch” with those improved quality of life feelings. Kinda a bummer I thought.

Round two, titrating down to 90mg of T a week + AI/HCG, dosing EOD, I’ve begun to “rediscover” those good feelings. To me, IMO, that’s the best bang for the TRT buck. You just feel better. You start to look better. T&A becomes fun again.

I learned first hand, and read it here many times, everyone is different. You need to find what works for you. Take charge of your health. Lab tests and adjust (if needed).

Finally, I can’t tell you how good it feels to start losing the belly.

Congrats, Chaz. What a dramatic difference.

Dear larchase:,Im 54 and at 30yr’s while at work,idrive a tractor trailor,i herniated a disc at L-5-S-1 of the lumbar spine.I had a successful operation and was working in 6-month’s,but the remaining disc from the laminectomy destructed and I was in bad shape.I gained at lot of fat.

Long story short,i had a good understanding as I was a prior high level jr.bodybuilder,so I knew how to train and eat. My frieng depression and Panic attack’s started and grew worse,to the point of seriously thinking of suicide???Luckily I had a few good dr’s and a psychotherapist that helped me realise that I recovered and was returning to a version of a younger me,but that I should be grateful,as I am not still crippled,as I was lying in bed in pain and having to take Percocet and other opioid medication’s You can do the same,Even to a higher degree!!! all the best johnny