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A Young Man's Log


Quick Stats:
20 years old
Sexy (and a little narcissistic)

I am a college student and a full time worker so because of my cramped schedule, I prefer to go to the gym at max four times a week. If enough people advise that it isn’t enough frequency, I’ll do my best to accommodate. I just got off of 2 cycles of

and I plan on using a Push-Pull routine from now on. I used to have a decent strength when I lifted in high school but I haven’t tested any maxes since I’ve come back from my hiatus. I’ve eye balled Mr.Wendlers’ 531 and would pick it up if enough people urge it.

Goals: To build muscle. Strength, fitness, and all that stuff is important to me too but I’m prioritizing body recomp for right now. I have a fishing tournament that I’m volunteering at in March and would like to woo some women there. Just joking, I’ve been dating my high school sweet heart for 5 years. She stole my youth.

Here’s a catch: I’m interested in the service after college so I would like a day for conditioning.

Questions, comments, and concerns will be heard with an open mind. Godspeed

Edit: I will post pictures of body if asked. I don’t feel like I am at the point to where I need to specialize in a certain place but if you guys just want to see where I’m at I’ll try to get to that.


14 November 2017

Just the bar with holds at the bottom to get a little stretch
135lb 15 reps (warm up)
155lb 10 reps (warm up)
185lb 3 reps (working set)
205lb 3 reps (working set)
225lb 3 reps (working set)
Called it a day there. Last set moved fine but my shoes have some air cushion crap that threw me off balance. Will find my chuck taylors for next squat day.

DB Incline Press 4 sets of 10 50lb
DB OH Press 3 sets of 8 40lb
Dip 5 sets of 10 no added weight
Chest fly dropset x2
Cable lateral raise dropset x2

Starting the this log was a spontaneous idea during my work out so I haven’t kept track of what I’ve eaten today. Will start tomorrow but I’ve always been bad with logging diet.


15 November 2017

Trap bar deadlift w/ pause at top. I do not know the weight of the bar. It feels heavier than a barbell and not surprisingly, no staff member could provide that information. So I will record the plates that went on.

1 45lb on each side for 15 reps (warm up)
1 45lb + 25lb on each side for 8 reps (warm up)
Working sets was a pyramid.
2 45lb for 6 reps
2 45lb +1 10lb for 4 reps
2 45lb + 1 25lb for 2 reps. Worked back to 6 reps.

6 pull ups in between each working set for 30 reps

Strength note: All reps moved easily but grip was slipping with the pause. Sweaty palms always get me. Any suggestions on chalk? I have liquid grip but a wasn’t a huge fan. Beggars can’t be chosers tho.

High leverage row 4 sets of 8
Close grip lat pulldown 3 sets of 12
Face pull 3 sets of 10
E-Z bar curl supersetted w/ OH tricep extension for 3 sets of 10.


Breakfast- Steak sandwich. (4 oz left over steak on a slice of plain toast, topped with an egg.) x2

Meal 2 - Steak sandwich again (all out of leftovers)

Meal 3 - cup of shredded chicken, cup of white rice, crushed hot peppers, sprinkle of cheese

Dinner- Same thing for meal 3 minus the cheese.


16 November 2017

Pool conditioning: Swim 2 laps, do 20 push ups, 20 sit ups, 20 BW squats. x5


19 November 2017

Squat 4 sets of 10 175lb
OH Pres 6-4-2 Pyramid 6 reps @ 105lb, 4 reps @ 115lb, 2 reps @ 125lb
Close grip bnch 3x8 135lb
Dip 3x10
Leg extension 3x20

Suffering from flu and trying to get better before the holidays. Next work out won’t be until the weekend


Fainted after dinner and was rushed to ER. No explanation for the faint but the fall gave me a concussion and a swollen elbow that needed to be drained. Will work out this weekend if elbow feels fine


28 November 2017
Standing calf raise (3 sec pause on stretch, 5 sec pause at top) 5 sets of AMRAP

200 lunges (each leg)

Single leg curl 3 sets of triple drop sets of 8 reps
Single leg press 4 sets of 20
Back extension 4 sets of 15


29 November 2017

Lateral DB Raise 25 reps (5lb) - 15 reps (15lb) - 10 reps (20lb) and then backwards
Rear delt machine 4 sets of 20 reps
OH Press 2 sets of 8 115lb
Front plate raise AMRAP (30 reps)


Standing calf raise 4-5 warm up and then rest-pause. Hit failure, rest 30 sec, repeat till failure is hit 4 times

Lying leg curl 4x8-10 w/10rm. When failure is hit, squeeze out 5-8 partials

Front squat 3-4 warm up sets then 1x12-15 w/15rm. (135lb was enough for me on this.)

Bodyweight squat 5 sets of AMRAP


02 Dec 2017

Barbell curl 4x8 w/ 8rm and 3-5 second descent then 4-5 partials
Tricep extension w/ handle 4x20 followed immediately by 4x10-20 tricep extension w/ rope
Incline hammer curl 3x10-12 supersetted w/ alternating spuinated DB curl 3xAMRAP
French press 3x15-20 55lb
Chin ups 3xAMRAP supersetted w/ close grip push ups 3xAMRAP


Hey there, man. Just following up. No updates in quite a while. You still going at it? If you’re doing the T-ransformation, get some Before pics in pronto. Even if you’re not, try to get back to attacking your goals.


Still going at it, haven’t missed a gym session. I took out the transformation tag, no longer interested. I’m not going to post any of the work outs I’ve done for the last month, I’ll begin again with tonight’s work out


10 January 2018

Chin up 4x10
Wide grip pulldown 4x10
Trap bar shrug 3x12 w/ 45lb plate+25lb plate
DB Row 3x12 50lb
High-to-Low leverage row 3x12 45lb
Face pull 3x15
Hammer rope curl 3x10


11 Jan 2018

Rest day from lifting.
1.5 mile run
AMRAP hanging leg raises x3
AMRAP crunches x3


Been celebrating my girl’s bday over the week so I was forced away from the gym. My present to her was sucking her into a full Tough Mudder. My conditioning plan follows…

Monday - 5/3/1 full body
Tuesday - LSD (long slow distance.)
Wednesday - 5/3/1 full body
Thursday - Some sort of short HIIT
Friday - 5/3/1 full body
Saturday - Timed runs/competitive cardio
Sunday - Rest.

Note: Most of my supplemental exercises will be calisthenics. I’ll throw in a lift or two for mass during 5/3/1 days.

Questions? Comments? Concerned? Any feedback will be appreciated


16 Jan 2018

3 mile run @ conversation pace
4 sets of 10 pull ups


23 Jan 2018
3 mile run @ conversation pace
4 sets of 10 pull ups
Hanging leg raise (to failure) then bicycles (to failure) topped off with prone vacuum holds x3

24 Jan 2018
Trapbar deadlift 3 sets of 3 w/ 2 caddies
OH Press
95lb 3 reps
105lb 3 reps
125lb 3+ reps (8)
DB Row 4x10 55lb
Face pull 3x15
Chest fly double dropset

100 lunges
5x10 chin ups
Hanging leg raise 3xfailure
Side bends 3x20 each side

Note: All weight felt too light. Deadlift won’t be on 5/3/1 as I practice form with light weight on this 3 week cycle


25 January 2018
15 minute jump rope
5 sets of 10 chin ups


26 January 2018
4 sets of 10 chin ups
Lower body circuit. Had to switch days because I couldn’t make it to the gym. Will lift tomorrow


27 January 2018
175lb 3 reps
195lb 3 reps
225lb 3+ reps (8reps)
155lb 3 reps
185lb 3 reps
200lb 3 reps (5 reps)
Close grip bench 3x10 115lb
DB Row 4x10 55lb
Lateral raise 25-15-10 pyramid
Cable fly dropset x2
5min chin up (40 total)

Chin up total for week: 260