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A Years Development At 38!!


please rate my progress i would be very interested in anyones thoughts,thanx!


where is your before pic?


this is my before pic and on my profile..my newest.

it sucks eh? :frowning:


this is my latest and the first pic was my before one.


Happy Man to Angry Man: they took my watch, necklace, and wristband, but they can't take my pride.


wrong thread friend :slightly_smiling:
this is about rating pics.

interesting read though,thanx.




hmm..i see an ever so slight difference but honestly a year of hard work in the gym and clean eating should have yielded a much more dramatic change. apparently something's not right with your training and diet regimen. i'd guess you're eating too much and training too little. just reverse that and see what happens.


there is some change but nothing too drastic for 1 one year. Check out what i did in 5 months: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1727008

and i still think i'm way too small...


In the after picture your belly looks bigger, you seem to have gained a double chin.


Thanx for that.

I followed arnold schwarzeneggers basic program for beginners and recently do the 5x5 ,working on heavy compound movements,it produced fast results so hoping it will lead to more gains.

I eat alot and train 3 times a week ,your tips make a lot of sense,cheers.


the chin and belly is due to eating more cals and lifting heavier weights with a powerlifting routine ,after a while will revert to a bodybuilding program again.


Since you're training like a powerlifter, what are your lifts (the big 3) like?


the last time... squats 5x55kg,5x70,5x85,5x100,5x110
bench 5x 45kg,5x55,5x60,5x65,5x75
rows 5x35kg,5x45,5x55,5x60,5x65

it has certainly changed my physique ,shame i never did it earlier.
What's your thoughts on your progress?


The reason why he looks like there is no difference between pictures is because there isn't, it's the exact same picture. Try uploading your before pic again.


this is my before pic....taken end of jan this year.


You definitly look a bit thicker, in a good way.

What work out plan are you (were you) following? Your lifts seem a little on the low side for a years work, in my humble opinion.



convert my lifts into pounds(not far off your lifts) ,i have only begun powerlifting since 3 weeks.seeing as the lifts are now of 5 sets and more intensity,my weights are less than on a pure bodybuilding routine.
Ego lifter i am not,all i care is about progress and i perform each lift as text book as i can.

Shame i reported my lifts after all, as i had a feeling that i would get a reply like this.