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A Year on TRT, Questions About Adding HCG

Hi all , 40 year old male here, been on trt for a bit over a year. Got prescribed the typical 20 test 500 iu 2xweek of HCG. ai 1 mg a week

got really bad cystic acne on shoulders, posted on here a few people suggested dropping the HCG if no kids are planned, which they are not. Spoke to doc and he was like you can try I guess but wasn’t set on the idea. Gave it a try and after about 2 weeks off the HCG I was getting no more acne flare ups.
Got labs done dec 16th
1200 test
16 estradiol, got changed the ai to the 1 pill a week thats posted above

So all is good

Today the wife and I were getting our morning wrestling in and at one point she was like so your balls are getting smaller huh, which I had suspected but wasn’t sure

Question 1: Is it the DHT conversion with HCG causing the acne?
Question 2: could I take a lower dose of HCG, say 300iu 2x week, and get the benefits of testicular health ? Doc didn’t think so .

Any other thoughts or suggestions, def don’t want to get the cystic acne again, but if its healthier to take the HCG id like to find a balance.


HCG is increasing intratesticular testosterone ->DHT in addition to the injectable T.

It seems your doctor is not very open minded and not open to experimentation. If it was up to your doctor you would still be having these acne issues. You may indeed be able to find a balance and if not you will have to choose between full hanging testicles and acne or no acne and small testicles.

I don’t think those not on HCG are any healthier than those on HCG.

the doctor was more its your body if thats what you wanna try. I don’t think he had ever had folks on lower than 500iu x2 but thats just my guess. Think ill try the 300 iu and see what happens after I do my next labs at the end of the month

you can try 250 ui EOD or 250 UI 2 times a week. 250 ui according to the studies is the minimum effective dose, but some guys report effect even on 100ui doses EOD or ED

@systemlord what do you think about long term usage of HCG and possible desintization of testicular cells also loosing its efficiency?

From my own personal experience, after being on TRT for four years, 300IU hCG x2/week dramatically increased testicular size in about ten days.

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Thanks all , after my blood test ill give the 300 x2 a week a try.
hopefully thats a good balance and I don’t get a bad acne breakout again

Chicks love the shaft, but balls are part of the sexual experience. They love to fondle or suck em. I was experiencing atrophy rather quickly. So decided to get back on HCG and the low hangers in her mouth get me going. So go for it. Plus girls love to feel them slapping against the perineum while you plow them. Its nature.

Not guaranteed at all. I took HCG 1000 IU with 100 mg T for TRT to have kids and the atrophy didn’t reverse at all. But I’m one of those guys who doesn’t care about the atrophy.

I believe There is not one peer-reviewed case of this.

My doc has had some men on HCG for 10,000 IU per week for mono therapy for years with no bad effects.

Yes I know the info is vague
I heard many docs claim that 500 UI per day is like the upper limit of safety