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A Year In, Need Some Guidance


I find myself reading into these discussions so much that I figured why not just throw my situation out there and deal with the newbie "wtf are you doing " bashing that I probably deserve… so! I got into this a little over a year ago after my endocrynologist refused to help me being 21 with test levels low around 310 before even considering anabolics I lost 90lbs on my own it took 5 years and also lifted heavy for 3 years without any AAS.

currently I’m 23 years old current weight 208 lbs (roughly) 5’9 and 17% body fat currently running a cutting stack test p/ masteron/ tren at 80/80/80 .5 arimidex EOD I got my blood work done recently and my test levels are at 1500 and free test is at 50 my estrogen though is completely out of wack (3024) total estrogen I’m beginning to think that the arimedex I have is garbage because this doesn’t add up but even then why is my estrogen so high at just 320mgs a week of test, it just seems a bit over the top I could see something like 600mg a week or higher but as far as side effects goes only thing I notice is my extreme fluctuating weight between 208-219 possibly some fatigue at times and mood swings possible from the tren also my sex drive is low and has been that way for Idk how long now but long before steroids. Although I think adding in the masteron brought my sex drive up a lot, my other question is my free test low considering my total test is at 1500 and what should I do about this? Also I should probably add that In this past year I basically put myself on TRT in the sense of I never actually stopped cycling test, not for more than a month at most but I stopped the tren winny and Anavar from my first “cycle” but used test enathate at 300mgs a week. I’m pretty all over the place with this post it’s the first time I’m seeking opinions and advice from anyone outside my gym and self educating myself on this but I’m willing to hear anyone out on my mess.


First off, your test level probably capped at 1500, meaning that for whatever reason the lab wont report any levels higher than that. I’m not sure why they do that, but your test levels are probably more around 2-3000.

Tren will make it appear that your estrogen is super high on your labwork. Again, not sure why that is, but your estrogen levels are certainly not that high. You’re also not taking anything for your prolactin, and youre on a decently sized dose of tren. Caber or prami will take care of that, but I cant say this is an issue because you probably didn’t get bloodwork on it?

It takes some time to figure out how to manage estrogen, and I think this is your issue. If I were you, I would drop down to a TRT dose (125mg/wk) and get bloodwork again, so you can address the fatigue and low sex drive accordingly. Secondly, attacking a problem like this by adding in more compounds is a bad idea, less is always better.

You’re still young though, and you can probably still cycle off and get your levels to what they were, if not higher.


I appreciate your reply, so my prolactin is at 12.7 which would put me somewhere in a good range according to them as far as the estrogen looking off due to the tren I really hope that’s it because my weight fluctuation is crazy for someone who diets decently what do you think about me lowering the test lower than tren ?


I don’t think that’s going to help, because although the tren is throwing off your estrogen, we don’t know exactly where your levels are at - they could be high or low.

I say drop the tren, and switch to a longer ester test so you can figure out what a good dose of an AI for you is, and see how bloodwork reflects that, then you can add the tren back in. Tis a marathon dude, not a sprint.


Blacklabel said it, drop tren. Id go as far as to say just go back to a test only run at this point. mainly to get estro in check. There is plenty here to “bash the newbie” on but whats the point. It looks like u realize your not on the right track otherwise I suppose u wouldn’t have posted up in the first place. Its evident you didn’t have the knowledge to do a cycle right from jump street. And at your age, u should have never jumped on yet to begin with…but u have. So again OP, go back to square A and start right.

Bloodwork would be where I would start. This after u come off everything for atleast a good couple weeks. PCT before bloodwork now that I think about it. At your age, u may end up responding positive to a good pct. If infact u find out after that, that your test is still low, then id look into trt again, even if it has to be self admin. In the meantime, if I were u, id be researching AAS use ( the correct way to go about it) like there is no tomorrow. Plenty of good info on this site imo. Good Luck!!