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A Year Ago: 225 Bench. Today: 345


I climbed under the bar with two plates on each side. I did zero reps. It was humbling, today I benched 345lbs x 4. That is actually not my record two weeks ago I got 355lb x 5 (I got the flu last week)

Bitch numbers for some, but I'm going to pat my own back. Yea me!


Cool story bro!


great progress!


Nice job. What kind of program are you on? How are your other lifts doing?


Bitch numbers for some geared lifters maybe. 355x5 is a hell of a bench, if it was done raw.

You've been lifting for a year this time, but what have you done in the past? If you tell me that this one year is it, I'm gonna get really fucking discouraged :frowning:


Why would you get discouraged from some random internet persona who could possibly be making it up all together?


Video of you benching 350 please, even if it's just a double or single.


Meh. I've been busting my ass in the gym and in the kitchen for almost two and a half years and I've gone from a 170 bench press to 285. Kinda starts to get to you when you see all these other guys making tons better progress.

Maybe I'm a little too trusting. "Bullshit" doesn't really cross my mind until someone else brings it up.


I was at about a 135 bench after 2 years. Seriously. Most people like this claiming outrageous progress are 115 pound skinny fat kids that have never touched a bar or a woman. Just keep working.


What's your weight at Jay? Do you use an PL setup?


Currently weigh 213, my highest was 222. Started a slow diet on Sep 1.

I do use a PL setup. Index fingers on the rings, decent arch, feet planted, shoulders locked back and down, decent amount of leg drive... I'm sure I'm not doing everything perfectly, but I'm also sure it would take a damn good coach to help me with it.

Having a 6'3" arm span on a 5'11" frame doesn't help a whole lot, but that's not really the issue. It's my progress that gets me down sometimes. I've only put 20lbs on my bench in the past six months. I've thrown more volume at the problem and it hasn't helped, so I recently reduced the volume to 3x5 on three lifts per muscle group to see if I was out-pacing my recovery.


Well there's your problem lol, if you're anything like me and you're natural it'd probably do you good to put about 30-50 lbs on, my bench was higher than your at a little under 2 years of training BUT that was because I went straight from 160 to 250 in that time. Seriously man, I think there's a certain point especially if you're natural where packing on the pounds is where the progress is.

Anyways I think making any decent gains while dieting is a job well done so kudos! My bench sure as fuck wasn't 285 when I weighed what you do lol. (I'm 5'11" also)


I hear ya. I went from 170-220 in two years, including taking a short break to shed some fat. Held 220 -222 for a few months, and decided to diet down to a decently lean 195-205 before continuing upward. I'm hoping it will improve my bulking abilities. I was eating upwards of 5000cal/day just to get to 220.


I actually was at the same intake at about the same weight, but at a certain point I said fuck it and just ate whatever to pack on the pounds. Wasn't pretty but I got stronger for sure. It was also a hell of a relief to not have to count anything. I was definitely alot leaner when I was being anal with my macros though, but ultimately I've always wanted to be a big mofo and not necessarily a BBer so it wasn't a big deal to me really.


I lifted in high school, that was a long time ago I believe a maxed out at 260 in HS. I then lifted for one quarter in college, I got up to 305lbs then, that would be late 2001 early 2002. Haven't lifted since, except maybe 1-3 months in 2006 or 2007? I don't recall if I benched then, as I lifted alone.


For the first 3 months or so I just did my partners workout, which was basically bench, curl, abs and go home. Now I'm on my own "program" I guess.

Other lifts are up, some quite a bit some not as much. Squats are up only 80lbs but I attribute that to pulling my hammy. That 80 lb gain was from Jan 1- End of Feb. No gains since. Mil Press are up like 20lbs only. Curls I'm up from using 20lb Dumbbells for 10 to 50lbs. But almost all of that was gained by March. BW Dips I'm up to 25+ from 7.

I was 300lbs in July of 09. Then we broke up, I was 250 by Aug. I just didn't eat at all, I recall one week all I ate was 1 candy bar for lunch each day, that was it. When I got into lifting I made sure to shoot for 200g protein a day. I'm 270lbs right now But I'm down like 3 pant sizes and 4 shirt sizes. All my old clothes are huge on me. I have to buy slim fit shirts HAHA. As soon as I one rep 405 on bench I'm going on a diet.


pics? videos? any proof at all?


If the attitude is right, the numbers will follow. And you know as well as any that some people are better at some lifts than others. I hate/suck at bench but enjoy/do better on DLs/Squats :slight_smile:

I'm like you in that I'll look at a number first and go "damn, that's good" then "what? he's lighter and leaner than me too? fuck". haha.


Already making progress again with the lower volume. Barely missed 235 for the fifth rep yesterday, when last week I could barely get four. Got an extra rep with 205 on inclines as well. Guess I was just using too much volume for too long.

Or "Wait, wut?. This guy added over 130lbs to his bench and only 20lbs to his Military Press?"


Don't pay any attention to it. Especially the "I know it's bitch numbers to some... but..."

fuck that. we are all different and we will all end up with varying strength levels after years of training... a 200lb bench-press is nothing to be ashamed of. And you are above that by a great deal.

To claim a 300+ lb bench-press is bitch numbers... that cuts down everybody else's progress who is under that number. It's just assinine - especially considering the general population can't bench half their own bodyweight!

it doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. it doesn't mean anybody else is doing anything better. strength is as much genetics as muscle shape is. muscle fiber makeup is highly individual. If in 10 years you were still pushing the same weight... then maybe feel bad about your progress - but - you are still progressing and learning what works for you. That is what matters.