A WTF Thread

Yes that’s right, a whole topic on the WTF’s you’ve seen online including pics, articles, and videos. Refrain from overly grotesque WTFs. If you can’t see it on Jackass, then you probably shouldn’t post it here. Post whatever you got and see if you’ve got the best. I think I got the winner. You’ve been warned, it’s messed up.


What would possess a person to do this?!

sick…sick sick sick…i only made it halfway though the video b4 i came back here to reply, lol

thats fucked up on so many levels

Reminds me of this…

That was kind of difficult to watch while eating.


A masturbating machine-shop worker catches his scrotum in a piece of machinery and tears it open, then staples it back together and resumes work before finally visiting a doctor three days later.


Possibly NSFW - there is a medical drawing of male genitals.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
http://www.sparklingwiggles.net [/quote]

Now that’s messed. Wow.


[quote]StevenF wrote:
http://www.sparklingwiggles.net [/quote]

Runner up: