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A Worthwhile Breakfast?

For the last 6 months or so my breakfast has consisted of 1 cup of rolled oats, a banana, a apple, and a heaping tablespoon of natty pb. Does this sound like a worthwhile breakfast to continue with or should I consider changing it up.

Well dont have a fried breakfast. You’ll get bowel cancer.

Your beakfast would benefit from the addition of some protein for sure. A scoop or two of a quality protein blend, in addition to your current foodchoices would be a good place to start.

Eggs are good at breakfast too, especially the omega 3 variety. My preference is to maximise whole food choices, so something like a scrambled eggs, a few veggies, with some oatmeal and natural peanut butter would be a pretty Calorie and nutrient dense meal.

If you have the appetite, some meat, say a turkey / chicken sauasge, or turkey bacon (watch out for any added nasties!) is also a great idea.

For variety its always a good idea to rotate food choices, so if you want, you could try other wholegrains at breakfast time (if you handle wheat, all bran / fibre one is good), fruits, veggies etc.

Go Bills!

It’s a common belief that peanut butter is a protein source, but in fact it’s not a very significant one. And what protein there is, is incomplete (I forget which amino acid is missing, but one of the essentials is so low as to render the biological value quite poor.)

So actually there is about no protein in your breakfast.

I second Dave’s advice.

Ham and eggs!!!

You need protein! Eggs, or cottage cheese, or protein shake.


For average folk, a breakfast should either contain just protein, protein + fats, protein +carbs, or protein + fats + carbs; basically, you can’t exclude protein. Your current breakfast is basically 3/4 carbs (despite being decent carbs) and 1/4 fat, which is probably not a good combination.

Your breakfast should consist of foods like whole eggs, egg whites, lean meats (canadian bacon, lean turkey sausage, etc), or low-fat cottage cheese. A carbohydrate or fat source should compliment that but is in no way the focus of a good breakfast.

protein protein and more protein i second all the comments above me, after a long night sleeping you need to restore the nitrogen balance and feed the starving muscles protein shakes eggs for satiety or fullness protein pancakes cant stress the protein point enough especially if your training

What others said.

Here’s mine (bulking)

4 whole jumbo eggs placed in a high-fiber tortilla (7g net carbs, 11g fiber!). One cup whole milk and lately i’ve been putting one scoop of whey in the milk to further increase protein.

That’s about 690-710 cals.