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A word of thanks

Hello T-people. I posted a message on here about a week ago asking for motivation ideas as I had gotten off track on my program due to a minor injury and a slight case of burnout. I just wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me to “get back in the game.” I’m eating clean again (those Grow shakes are pretty damn good) after a month of gluttony and I’m back in the gym as well. Sure doesn’t take long to gain fat back when you eat indiscriminately, but I’m focused again. Someone mentioned moving to a larger city-once my training certification is complete (got my course materials today) I’m definitely going to look into this. It sure would be killer to train at a gym w. some fellow T-Dawgs. Thanks again all!

Glad to see you’re back on track! I find it always helps to have future plans, goals laid out, so there’s something positive to work towards. It seems like you’ve done just this, so, sood on ya bud, and good luck!