A Womens Opinion

Ha, sewing circle. My affinity for sewing and knitting is zero.

When I was younger (and whenever I’ve had to break in a new partner) I’ve used condoms. They’re not really too nice to use since they’re fiddly and can take away the momentum but better safe than sorry (in terms of diseases also). Longterm I do without and just don’t allow my fella to shoot in the penalty box. I know that’s not a sure fire solution for everyone but it’s always worked for me.

Never had any probs when i was on the pill - ortho tri-cyclen, then generic, then ortho tri-lo, then generic, then camila… it was when i was eating strictly clean and mostly organic that someone pointed out to me… “you pay so much attention to your food and you’re taking ARTIFICIAL ESTROGEN EVERY DAY?”

it was a lightbulb. fuckyouverymuch i said to the pill, and demanded that my doc refer me to get the ParaGard inserted.

can’t say i notice too much of a diff as far as my mood goes, but my period is now like clockwork where i rarely had one before, and i feel better knowing that i’ll never forget to take it.

and its good for TEN YEARS! with insurance, it was all only about $80. i woulda paid the whole $800 for as awesome as it is.

I have a love/hate relationship with BC. Very bad experiences when I was younger. However, circumstances led me to start using Nuvaring 2 years ago. The side effects have been minimal. Sometimes my boobs just balloon. I use it continuously, usually don’t take a break for months at a time. No mood swings, no cravings/appetite control trouble, no problem packing on muscle, etc. One of the reasons that I agreed to give it a try was to let my ovaries rest. I am nulliparous and over 30. The only downside for me is the $$$$. I buy from Canada because my insurance coverage is minimal. Anyway, I love Nuvaring and the no period life for now.

I went on the pill when I was 14 as the doc suggested it to help lighten my flow / reduce cramping. Been on different kinds over the years (as governments would and would not fund various ones).

Didn’t discover my libido until I’d been off it for a couple of years many years later.

The fluctuation in my emotions / desires turns out to be predictable given where I am at in my cycle.

I was going to hunt down a link… But powderpuff beat me to it.

I never did the pill…

Natural Family planning, mostly going by cycles(yes, I’m regular) And condoms…

Hubby will probably get the ‘V.’
2 kiddos is enough. And there is a chance the next kiddo could have health problems,therefor, we are DONE.

Hope the girl finds a solution. I guess first, would be to get the heck off that pill! That doesn’t fun.