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A Weighty Subject - Loss



To introduce myself. My name is Justin and I'm 180cm ( approx 6" ) tall and weight 129kg ( approx 285lbs ). I have been training on and off for 3yrs and have recently been back to training full time for the past 8months. I have always had the propensity to gain weight around my stomach area which is not that attractive. Lately, I've reduced my calorie intake and increased my aerobic exercise to try and compensate for my weight.

I've lost in the past 8months a total of 16lbs... Not to say that this is a negative thing it's just that I was hoping for more. I have approx 44inch waist and it just won't seem to shrink. I'll detail my workout routine and diet for an average week/day.

Workout Routine

Mon (Shoulders) -
Push Press - 3 w/u sets, 3 working sets 275lbs
1 Arm Shoulder Press - 1 w/u set, 2 working sets 125lbs
Seated Shoulder Press - 2 working sets 95lbs/side
Rear Delts - Workout with bands for back of shoulders
30min Treadmill

Tues (Legs,Hamstrings,Arms,Core) -
Front Squats - 3 w/u sets, 3 working sets 315lbs
Straight Leg D/L's - 3 working sets
Hamstring Curls - 3 working sets
Biceps - Curls/Reverse Curls - 3 working sets each
Core - Situps, abdominal machine
30min Bike

Wed - OFF

Thurs (Back) -
Deadlifts - 3 w/u sets, 3 working sets (455-500lbs )
Bent Over Rows - 1 w/u set, 2 working sets
Pull downs - 2 sets
Shrugs (straight bar ) - 4 working sets
Grip Work

Fri (Chest) -
Bench - 3 w/u sets, 3 working sets 225lbs
D/B Bench - 3 working sets
Incline Bench - 1 w/u set, 2 working sets
Flys - 2 working sets
45min Treadmill

Sat (Legs,Arms,Core) -
Squat - 3 w/u sets, 4 working sets (405-475lbs)
Leg Press - 2 working sets
Hack Squat - 2 working sets
Leg Extension - 2 working sets
Triceps - Dips, Overhead press, close grip bench
Core - Situps, abdominal machine
30min Bike

Sun - OFF

Diet - As a side note I can't eat before I work out otherwise I feel weak and sick. I'll usually drink about 500ml of water before and 500ml during working out. I get up around 7am and workout from 9-11am.

11:30am - 2 whole eggs, 2 pcs flax bread, 500ml skim milk

2pm - 300gm baby carrots, 1LTR water

5pm - 300gm sugarsnap/snow peas, 500ml skim milk, Fibre bar ( 5gm fibre min )

8pm - 250gm whole wheat pasta, meat sauce ( with additional veggies ( mushrooms,peppers, onions,zucchini)), 1LTR water

11pm - Apple, coffee, 500ml water

12:30 - 500ml skim milk, approx 45gm protein powder, 1/2 cup fruit ( blueberries, raspberries, strawberries ) 2tbsp peanut butter

I usually only change the dinner during my days, or substitute the breakfast with a bowl of Miniwheats if I'm too pressed for time before work. I know I have a lot of milk but I find I get full easily and it's the easiest way for me to get more protein.

I've tried reducing my eating below this amount but I find I get extremely tired at night and I have problems driving the 135km back from work without falling asleep at the wheel.

If anyone has any advice that would be great.


You've made a massive mistake. You are nowhere neart advanced enough for a bodypart split. Do a upper/lower 4 day split or a 3 day a week total body.