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A Weekend With TC

SoCal, in the winter, who could ask for more when coming from Chilly Kansas. Well I got more a LOT more. I received an in-depth view into the life of TC, his family, friends and all of the characters that make up the world around them. Characters a plenty, and I wont be able to even scratch the surface of it all. I will attempt to give the highlights.

I will apologize in advance Im a painter not a writer. Hell im lucky to string together a coherent sentence from time to time. Its all Dat education and Fancified words us ARTSY types use. But Ill do my best here just have to share this experience.

As many of you know I recently Graduated with my masters degree which is good and well but it also means the whole Job search thing starts etc. and so I am not limiting myself to any part of the country let alone world. Then you also know that I recently put together the DC Test Fest with among Many great PPL I was able to meet TC. That’s where this boring tale of a Job search becomes interesting.

Well, just so happens the guy was pretty damn cool. Having talked with him at the Test Fest, when it came that I was going to SoCal to look into some Job Openings at the local Universities, and the hopeful possibility of landing a job at one of them, I got in touch with TC as to maybe meeting up while I was there and hanging out a bit. By god I had NO Idea my few days in the normally very calming (To me) environ. Of SoCal would end up to be an Unforgettable trip that would leave me needing a vacation from my vacation. I Don’t Know how else to do this and Keep it Brief but to Just list the Days Activities. I Had Planned to hook up and he would you know let me tag along for a couple hours maybe a drink and a Meal. NO I got Three days of the Full on A-Dog lifestyle. Amazed that largely the stuff he writes about in the Column we all read on Fridays. That shits true.

OK here we go. I leave out the boring Job search crap Turned out not to fruitful Im afraid. The good positions I need think Ill Not get needing more time teaching before a larger institution will take me on and the others were lacking the hands on ART I want to do and were all lecture Nope not for me.

Hooked up with TC in the evening for what the hell ever I was game. Figuring a drink or two then we go our separate ways. Well that wasn?t the case. Not half way through the first drink Im invited to join in on a Private Poker Game with what Im told are some real characters. That Aint no shit. Just look at the last A-Dog column. That Chicken Bone cat Yup he’s real, Bone bald head and all. As is the Olympic (IMO Arrogant ass) sprinter, the gals behind the partition, the Marine and companion, etc… Needless to say I lost my ass at the table. It was less than easy to concentrate on the cards in this atmosphere and Im still not convinced there wasn’t a camera filming me use the can with the mess of fiber optic cables running about. After a few hour, money lost and MORE than my fill interesting atmosphere for the night I had to turn in for the night, but with an Open invitation to meet up the next day.

I meet up for some morning mid morning coffee at the much written about Coffee shop. GOOD lord I don?t know what these fellas do in the morning to get going or if it was just me, jet lag etc., but both TC and the coffee shop owner, a character in his own right, are both as fresh and spy as can be. Both of which stayed on at the poker game, Im sure, LONG after I left. Here I am looking like a Half Sucked throat lozenge. I did however soon find one of their secrets to this feat. It was in the coffee, the service, and the atmosphere of this coffee shop. First Great damn coffee, made all the better by a crew of employees made entirely of Brazilian beauties. Then at damn near every entrance came another interesting character, or women worthy of a fitness magazine cover. By God who wouldn’t have a good start to a day being there every morning.

So back to the Coffee shop, the owner ,and his team of Brazilian Beauties; as This is what will led to this evenings events after my departure for a day of Job searching BS. During the morning cup of Joe and general shooting the shit with every character imagined, oogling fitness goddess after fitness goddess, came an invite, or more an Announcement/demand by this Brazilian Coffe Crew of “LETS GO SAMBA.” Just so happens Friday night is Brazilian night at a local watering hole. Now how can you turn them down, you cant. Lets keep it simple and say drinks ran cold, the music was thumping, and the Bundas were a Plenty. By god you havent lived until you are engulfed into a crowd of Brazilian Women who are doing a dance that can only be described as TC so eloquently stated as “Having sex sideways.” By god these women are PURE GOLD. Not just beautiful in body and movement. Also In the sheer energy, joy, and unbridled sexual undertone that simply spills from their pores. OK must cut this night short and leave it to your imagination, as the rule is what happens at Samba, stays at Samba But By God I was in heaven, if for only a brief moment.

Im invited to go train Bright and early in the morning. I miss it. I admit it I over slept after overindulgence. This time I was the one to stay out a bit later and let the Samba get the best of me. No Regrets to say the least, and still got the training in. Only having missed the trip to the gym I was kindly pointed the way of the back yard. Where I found a LARGE tire various training implements, sleds hammers, weights, crates etc. Hell I can make this work and work it did. Even gave TC and his Neighbor the joy of seeing me almost lose my breakfast when I had them time me and call out the breaks on some Tabata fashion sleds hammer swings. Nice work. After which we once again parted I went got cleaned up, etc did the various list of BS on my sched. With the invite to yet again join TC for another taste of the Life of SoCal.

So third and Final night. What to expect what will this bring. Hell what could top “Samba” could it be done. Hmm?? out done, not sure, paralleled. Yup.

SoCal, mid Feb. days warm , nights chilly. What else to start the evening but an out of doors VIP invite only lingerie Model show. BY GOD I AM IN HEAVEN, and I have a front row seat toes on the red carpet and all. OK so it was a bit chilly, so it started an hour late, so what I was seated next to Miss Jager surgically formed jokeresque lips and her more appealing MUTT Chanel. Damn It Im at a Underwear model show. Front damn row, and this is just a prelude to the evening. Cameras running, bulbs flashing, the OOOOOH’s the AHHHH’s and the T&A. By damn while not every model was a picture of perfection, Many either needing a few or needing to turn away a few sandwiches, I wouldn’t have turned down a one. Oh hell the overpriced drawers were nice to. Yet another experience I can mark of the list of Must do’s in ones life. Front row of a lingerie fashion show.

OH but this was only the beginning of the night. More was yet to come. TC still had plans, still had places and tid bits of his life to share. OK Im in. Off to the I’ll say Gentlemans club. OK while never having a bad time at a one of these venues this has to be up near the tops. Both due to the quality of women working and the company. It is not everyday you get to go to a strip club with TC and it was refreshing to just soak in that atmosphere with someone with the same thinking as I of these places largely. It pure damn visual, sensual, and hell even intellectual sensation and entertainment. These women are DAMN good at what they do for the most part they work HARD and are far better actresses than most that are on TV today etc… Taking the chance to not only partake in the usual pleasures of these type of places, but also strike up a dialogue with the women who work there. Show that, hey we feel you, in more than one way. That hey we admire your hard work you put in, the skills you have acquired through hours of hard work and practice as well as the body it has created. Truly an enjoyable and multifaceted view of some good ole T&A and none of that ever so prevalent “But shes different, She loves me, I can Change Her, She listens to Jazz” BLAAA, that one so often sees. NO It was one of the best and most enjoyable trips ive had to a strip club for the fact we both went in with the same Mind set to have a good time, view the SHOW for what it is, nothing more nothing less than beautiful women working hard, for both our pleasure AND our money. Oh and to discuss and critique them was enjoyable as well.

NOT quite done. After the Club it was back to Casa De Louma For yet a another game of Poker this time just a friendly Low stakes match and a few drink, a fine Cigar and shooting the breeze over all the experience of the last few days. GOOD TIMES, with GOOD PEOPLE.

OK That’s the highlights. Leaving out a LOT of great times as well, the Food, the general chat not only with TC but Laurie, and their Friend and family. None of which are lacking in Character, interest and just all around accepting of a GOON like Myself. Also my own time just soaking in SoCal the beach ocean, etc… I just included the things of Most likely less interest to you all. I just thought it may be neat to share with you all the experience I was able to have. A peak inside of the Life of the Atomic Dog and the realization that hell he lives much of what he writes. Believes and lives by all of what he states in A-Dogs and post, and is in all Honesty IMO a hell of a person.

Thanks, TC, Laurie, Mom, Dad, Peter and the Brazilian Beauties, Riley, Toney, Tom, Hell even Chicken Bone.

Thanks you all for a hell of an experience and treat. I left full of both sensory experience and Grass Feed Beef. I Hope to someday repay the pleasure.



lucky bastard-- good for you phil

[quote]Phill wrote:
But By God I was in heaven, if for only a brief moment.
With medicines, such as serotonergic anti-depressants or SSRIs (Seroxat, Prozac, Cipramil, Zoloft) premature ejaculation can be practically cured. Better luck next time Phil…it’s happen to most of us (except me) at one stage or another and I think it was brave of you to write this article with the purposes of bringing it to peoples attention. Very commendable. I look forward to hearing how you ‘get on’(I hope you at least got this far) after treatment


Are you sure this wasn’t just a dream because it sounds like one of mine. Forget Texas, So-Cal for the next Test Fest.

Sounds like a damn good time.

I’m also glad that Will supports your PE issues.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
Sounds like a damn good time.

I’m also glad that Will supports your PE issues.[/quote]

Good time for sure.

Now just to find a Job or I just fly Back to So-Cal and become a beach dwelling artist like the MANY all ready. Worse things I imagine.

By God Phill, that sounds like a damn good time. I’m double jealous because it all occurred in my beloved homeland, La Jolla…

[quote]sully’s wrote:

Are you sure this wasn’t just a dream because it sounds like one of mine. Forget Texas, So-Cal for the next Test Fest.[/quote]

I second that. I nominate Dan Fouts to put it together.

I kept waiting for this story to end up with TC giving you a job with Biotest. I was about to be the most jealous man in the entire world…


Dan “No Pithy Quote” McVicker

[quote]Bauer97 wrote:
I kept waiting for this story to end up with TC giving you a job with Biotest. I was about to be the most jealous man in the entire world…[/quote]

OH man hell yes I could ride around in the Spike Bus and Paint portraits of all the ladies. HELL YES. Now you just talk them into that being a MUST. Im there.

Come visit me next time, Phil. We’ll shoot stop signs with .22’s and then go to Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars! Maybe some cow tipping afterward. TC ain’t got nothing on that!

Sounds like a helluva a time. Very cool.

THat is not fair!!! I am going to California in summer all the way from Montreal Canada! Driving down all the way, the whole 45 hours!!! So it would be fun to chill with the Biotest folks… and purchase tons of supps too.!!! hint, hint!

Wow, how cool is that…a weekend with TC in La Jolla…beautiful man…


TC lives in La Jolla? WTF?? I live in La Jolla!!! When is it my turn!?

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Come visit me next time, Phil. We’ll shoot stop signs with .22’s and then go to Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars! Maybe some cow tipping afterward. TC ain’t got nothing on that!


SWEET Chris its a deal. Hey now that Im in Kansas I can just jump on Ole silver and head on Down yonder, tippin cows, takin pop shots and countin oil pumps on the way down. We’ll have a real hoot and shin dig when I arrive. All 5 of us if we can rile the whole town up.

Oh and going over my first post I realize I left out a crutial thank you to Bubbles and all her compainions. How could I have left them out.

Thanks Gals !!!

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Come visit me next time, Phil. We’ll shoot stop signs with .22’s and then go to Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars! Maybe some cow tipping afterward. TC ain’t got nothing on that![/quote]

You sure know how to have a good time, Chris. I hope you incorporate some of these activities into the Tex-Fest. Just another reason to go.

I do have one question: Would you incorporate cow tipping on DE or ME days? Or does that depend on how big the cows are?

To Phill…your lucky-bastardness knoweth no limits.