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A Weekend Outing


Mrs. HH has been saying that we need a trip before school starts (we are both teachers). Ask and ye shall receive, o love of my life! Oh, name the place and win a cookie!


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, in the UAE.


Is that where you're taking her?


You take her to Outback Steakhouse, then put it in her butt! That's a trip


You're a teacher?! Fuck, our children are doomed....


On the money! I am impressed!



This is the YazMarina.


I have kids go to West Point, USNA (several including my son), the Ohio State, Brown, Stanford, Notre Dame, Univ of Chicago, on and on.

I currently have 4 former kids in Afghanistan, one being a SEAL.

Of course, you could say that my kids do this in spite of me...or to spite me. :slight_smile:

Oh, and you should kiss off.



You're a teacher? You should KNOW this.


The white girl and palm trees gave it away. I guessed that it was somewhere in the UAE right away. Figuring out which mosque it was was easy after that. Plus, I always knew you were really a muslim, so that helped too. Where's my cookie?