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A Weekend Away...


I just wanted to know what you guys think of this strategy:
Next month Im going away for the weekend, on a friday afternoon till sunday afternoon to a music festival. I will be waking up pretty damn early on friday morning to get a workout in though...

In terms of the rest of the time not being able to train, I was going to basically cut my carbs down dramatically and increase my protein intake much higher than normal for the duration of this weekend away, is this a good idea? The reason being is to keep my weight normal and keep lean for the time away.

My meals will basically consist of chicken breasts, protein shakes, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, milk and some fruit... is this ideal?


sounds good to me. big ups on the discipline


I dunno, I think sometimes people can be a little obsessive. It's one weekend. Are you serious? Do you have a show coming up? If you have a show coming up, I can see why you are being so disciplined. If not, you are being obsessive. Three days is nothing.


No, your at a festival, enjoy the music, beer, and women - don't worry about how much protein you have had that day and when your going to get your next meal in.


x 2.
Recently went on vacation for 3 days and said to myself beforehand that I wasn't going to be obsessive over my nutrition. I ate what I wanted and felt great. I did not stuff myself to the brink of throwing up every meal, but I ate stuff that normally would be considered taboo for a healthy person. The result was no change in weight and actually a 1 mm decrease in abdominal skinfold...I think you can give yourself a little room to live man. Go have some fun.


well then big ups on the realism! sometimes reading these posts on here I think im the only person that's ever felt over trained, skipped a workout, or isn't puking 3 times a week in a squat rack.


I agree with the having a rest camp,
a few days off from an intensive program can do an incredible amount of good, you gotta relax sometime right?! infact a few low protein days might actually help you put muscle on in the long run! go see Thibs protein/amino pulsing thread! a weekend away wont kill you have some fun!


hehe shot okes, il think bout taking the break hey... i did start eating cottage cheese today though, random piece of information, but definately now a staple :slight_smile:


same as what everyone else has said,just take it easy.you will enjoy your weekend more!


Live a little. Enjoy the weekend. Take a break from the regiment. Drink beer and say filthy things to women.


i agree with everyone who says take soem time off..i want to say it was about a month ago i took a weekend to go visit some of my old college friends and i said i would just have fun. I boozed and ate, including lots of carbs which i wasnt eating at the time. When i got home i dreaded my weigh in but actually lost 3 lbs. So you never know.


nice man! hehe