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A Week Off

Hey guys, I’m going in for PRK (~LASEK) surgery tomorrow and won’t be able to lift for a week :’( But on the bright side, no 6am PT for the Air Force all week either.

I was wondering if you have any dieting advice during my week off. I was going to start loading creatine next week but that may be a bad idea seeing as I won’t be lifting any more. I also take BCAAs (4 per dose, 3x per day) and my calorie intake is around 4500/day with 180g protein/day.

I’m 5’8" – 155 lbs

I typically don’t take any supps on weeks off, let the system relax. Eat when you’re hungry, I typically still get hungry every 2 or 3 hrs even when not training, just becasue my body is so used to it. However, I’ll jsut eat till i’m full, which happens faster when not training too.

I’d take the week off and relax, you military guys are the master of overtraining to begin with (not always your fault, the military REALLY needs to revamp its physical fitness protocol). I find when I take week off, I come back much better for it.