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A Week Off


This week, starting in 2 hours, I don't get to do anything besides clean my fraternity house, go to class, or study. All part of the initiation week for my fraternity.

I haven't taken more than 2 to 3 days off from lifting in a long time. Will absence from lifting for a week affect my gains in any way?


Probably do you some good.

I offered this advice on diet and stuff...



If it's just a week, not really. You'll go back ready and strong to lift again.


I take a week off from evrything every 6 weeks.

You will come back stronger and more focused. Ithink a lot of folks underestimate the power of a rest week.


I'm in the same boat; I had my wisdom teeth extracted and because of some complications, couldn't do much for about ten days ... Tuesday or Wednesday is when I plan on hitting the weights again, and I'm kinda scared.


You should ask yourself why you are joining an organization that is so blatantly hazing you. If this is a nationaly recognized organization, you shold check to see if this type of "hell week" is OK by them- I guarantee it is not. Hazing is illegal and unneccesary.

Hopefully this Fraternity is a good fit for you and this week won't be too bad. Once you are initiated, work on eliminating hazing in your organization- it will only lead to the downfall of your group.

Don't think that this comes from someone completely outside the Greek system. I am a Fraternity gentleman myself, and I know that when I joined my number one priority was to find an organization that would not haze. I also work with the Greek system at CSU and have seen first hand how hazing will ruin a great Fraternity.

As for the week off, don't worry about it man- you probably won't sleep enough to function properly in everyday life, much less train efficiently.

Good luck



I never understood the whole hazing thing for fraternities. I mean, it sounds almost like something gangs do. They kick your ass and then you are their brother/friend/etc.


Nah you'll be fine. You don't start to lose muscle tissue for at least 2 weeks UNLESS your diet gets screwed. Stock up on protein bars and stash them somewhere. They save you in situations like this.


alright i have to put my two cents in here. making pledges clean the frat house or study is not hazing. constantly making someone your bitch the entire semester would be a bit closer to hazing. fucking cleaning YOUR OWN frat house and STUDYING for classes isnt hazing in the slightest.

in fact, coming from a school that has a huge greek scene, as well as huge huge party scene- and transferring out before i failed out, id say that a frat that makes its pledges do nothing but clean the house and study for a week is doing the college community some good. i partied my ass off my first year and didnt study for shit.

second year i cut out the partying completely, still didnt really study or go to class, and did only slightly better. here's a newsflash for those that have been out of it for a while- theres a lot of kids in college that dont even know how to study-literally! and most kids rooms are fucking shitholes.

forcing kids to study, so that they actually realize how much better they do in class when they do study, and making them clean, so that theyll be more inclined to keep the house from getting shitty in the first place-- thats not hazing, thats fucking helping them.

just so were clear what the difference is, hazing could include the following: beating the shit out of pledges, making them hit something until the bone of their knuckles is showing, shaving off their eyebrows, making them burn themselves with cigarettes, "lines at lineup", ive even heard of people having to do a circle jerk onto a cracker, last guy to go has to fucking eat it. thats no bullshit, this doesnt even scratch the surface of frat hazing- and even then stupid fucks are lined up to do that shit.

and no, im not greek at all, never was interested. BUT- i really am tired of fucking logging onto this site and seeing people fucking whining about something or the other, and then other fucking people making stupid ass comments. why in the world would a kid want to join a frat that hazes him so bad that he has mandatory studying and cleaning, for only a week...geeez what harsh treatment!

and what the hell, --find out if the organization even allows that? im sure the shit that i gave hazing examples of isnt included in the list of things that these frats allow, but they definitely do them. so what is your suggestion, look up their charter, and if its not allowed run to the frat president and tell him youre going to turn them in?

yea thats a real good fucking way to get in good with your new brothers. any chance you were homeschooled through college, and you were part of some frat there? bitch


If I am understanding your incoherent ramblings correctly, you are calling me a bitch for telling someone to respect themselves enough not to get hazed?

Believe me, if this week was truly only studying and cleaning, that would be one thing. Believe me, more will be going on than this. Also, by definition, making pledges clean your house is hazing.

By telling him to check into the national fraternities policies, I simply meant to draw his attention to the fact that what this group is doing is wrong. I did not intend for him to go whining to anybody. I even said that once he is initiated, he should work to eliminate these out dated traditions.

No I was not homeschooled. When I came to college, I joined a fraternity to help me become a better person. This is what fraternities are meant to do. I found one that did this and never looked back. A fraternity that hazes is not helping you become a better person.

Call me a bitch if you want. You said yourself that you have no experience with this. I do. Talk to anyone involved in the Greek community, such as alumni and advisors, and they will say exactly what I have said. Please stick to ranting about things you know something about.




I also wanted to add that personal attacks against me do not help you get your opinions across any better.



I heard of some sick fucks doing this over here, apparently its called 'Sticky Bicky'. Obviously you lot call Biscuits,' Cookies' so you can't call it this.


thats funny. the things i mentioned do happen. and do the frats want people to know that? probably not, so since im not a frat boy that would mean some of these frat boys are leaking that shit. like i said, i went to a huge frat school with an even bigger frat scene. to make it worse there were some frats that were mostly new york/ new jersey gangster wannabe's, so yea, frat boys are a joke to me.

side rant: if anyone has MTV on demand and they can go watch True Life: im getting married--its called something like that, and yea i dont even know if its on demand, but i saw it the other day...had three couples, one was from new york, and the groom of that couple was this fag that thought he was a hardass. fucking telling his limo driver that was real late that he was going to gut him like a fish and all this crap. it was ridiculous, and that was a typical frat boy where i came from. the other frat boys were pastel colored polo shirts and always pop their collars.

either way you go, i think they are a joke. and i think its a joke that you "joined a frat to become a better person" you must be a dumbass and also have very low self image/respect/esteem if you go to join a frat to become a better person.

now, as i said, im just tired of the bitch ass posts, and bitch assed responses. ooooh i cant train for a week....cry cry cry. do a fucking search for 6 fucking seconds and youd see that most coaches on here recommend taking a planned week off every so often and that itd actually help gains and such because a lot of people run the risk of overtraining time to time without knowing it.


I've heard it called Limp Biscuit as well as Soggy Biscuit, even though we Americans reefer to the cooked wafers allegedly played with as crackers.



Your opinion of those guys is valid- a lot of fraternities act that way. Posts like the original one only worsen the image. Unfortunately you do not have experience with the type of fraternity I joined, which leads you to your conclusion. I did become a better person through my Fraternity, so say what you will.



I don't even know what Frat and Fraternity actually means pertaining to College and stuff. Also WTF is Sophomore and stuff like that, I get 'Prom Night', because some crap schools in the UK now have christmas proms instead of what I call, a fucking christmas party.


id say frats generally have a bad name more than they have a good one.

rapes, ghb, coke-and other drugs, roids, jerks...this is what you expect from most frats that were on my former campus. as i said, this school has a huge frat scene and an even bigger party scene. most frats arent what they used to be, and i would say that NO frat is the same going from one campus to the other.

example- my uncle was a DX, and hes told me some funny shit and told me all kinds of cool things, and ive met several of his brothers and even work for two of them. they are cool guys and didnt get into the kinda shit i mentioned.

on the other hand, DX on the campus i was on is a fucking joke--and these schools are in the same state! the campuses are only a little over 3 hours from each other.

some fucked up shit happens inside a lot of frat houses- and for the most part the frat tries to cover it up, calling it brotherhood. fact of the matter is ive come across a lot of frat boys whose asses id gladly kick--sometimes id even look for reasons to knock them out, yet im not sure ive met one that ive liked. they all seem to have this air about them, and that cocky shit eating grin...