A Way to Verify Testosterone Product?

Hi all, I have a prescription for T, but my insurance disagrees with my endocrinologist on the level of T that needs treatment, so I need to pay for it myself. Just going to my local pharmacy would cost me $600/month.

I can get it from offshore pharmacies at a tolerable price, lesser-known brands… Is there a way I can verify I am not getting an inert (or worse) counterfeit/fake?

It sounds like you are in the United States. In the United States testosterone is a controlled substance and is not subject to the 90 day supply import exemption. Therefore importing it without a valid prescription is a felony, and talking about ways to break the law is a violation of the websites terms of use.

If you have a valid prescription I would call around for pricing. For me I found that a 10ml vial of 200mg testosterone cypionate was only $95. If you require anastrozole or HcG, those are not controlled substances, they are Rx only and therefore can be imported under the 90 day import exemption from the FDA. For those I would contact a pharmacy in Canada for a 30-90 supply. Just note that a 91 day supply is again against the law.

Thanks, yes I do have a valid prescription, and thanks for the response.

Some US States have made hCG a schedule III controlled substance.

thank you for the heads up on that, I did not know that!


A full-price 10mg bottle is usually around $170 where I am (US). What is costing you $600?

Download the app “goodrx” on your phone. It shows the cheapest place around to get it with coupons and other things. For T and anastrozole it is almost always cheaper than going through insurance (if you live around a large city). T is generally $50’ish on there. Good luck.

40$ for 1g: 200 g/mL * 5 mL in canada. Problem is getting the good amount prescribed.