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A Waist Size to Bodyweight Converter? i.e. Lose 2


I'm just curious. Obviously this will vary based on frame, height, and body composition. I'm just curious as I'm looking to set long term goals. A decade ago I was at 200lbs with a 36" waist. I really liked the amount of muscle I had back then, but would have preferred a 34" waist. Just wondering if that would have put me at 190? 185? FWIW, at my leanest (not body builder lean, but still very, very lean) I had a 31.5" waist.



Hey Iron,

I think its much too individual of a thing to determine exactly. For example, I stored HUGE amounts of fat in my "love handle" when I was out of shape in the past.

Lets have a little fun though, Here are some numbers I recorded during my last diet.

Week 1 - weight 234, love handles: 43.75, waist: 40.50, thigh 27.50, butt 46

Week 30 - weight 161, love handles: 31.75, waist, 33.5, thigh 22.25, butt: 36

So you can see that I lost 12 inches off of one area, and only 7 off of another, and 5 off of another.

Although for my numbers every 10 pounds of fat equals about 2 inches off the waist line in you average it out. So for a guy who stores fat in his love handles like me, it seems to be that 10 pounds give or take 1-2 pounds would be a good estimate.


In general, just from experience and seeing it often, I would think the average is anywhere from 8-over 10lbs for every inch but this is obviously dependent on genetic factors.

Some people just store more fat on their waist. I tend to store fat generally all over.

Obviously if you gain or lose muscle in the process this changes everything.


I hope this is helpful:



Yeah, I'm a love handle guy (as I'm finding out.....I'm 38 and have never had to worry about this in my life until now). Your formula seems to make sense. I was at 158 with 31.5" love handles and now I'm at 185 with (once I re-measured) with 37.5" love handles. I've got a bit more muscle since then, but its so hard to say how much.