A vs. P?

[quote]CDarklock wrote:
I’ve got a couple friends who think it would rule to see an army of aliens and predators, but after the battle of Minas Tirith in The Two Towers, cinematic mass combat has got to hit a REALLY high bar to impress me.

I hate to be a nitpicker, but the battle on the Fields of Pellenor (around Minas Tirith) took place in The Return of the King. Helm’s Deep is the one from The Two Towers. I’ll agree with you though, those scenes were fantastic. If some movie ever has a better battle sequence, it’ll be out of this world!

To-Shin Do

I saw the movie at 12:01 opening day. It was not good. There were a few really good fight scenes between predator and alien. Other than that, it wasn’t impressive in any way. There was pretty much no script (although no one should be surprised by that.) Even though there was a series of books written about AVP (they were mostly short, less than 100 pages). The script didn’t follow any of the books very closely. The acting was also poor. Again, not surprising. Basically the lesson is, if you take a movie franchise that is 25 years old, and mix it with another franchise that is almost 20 years old the movie is not gonna be fresh. Its not gonna be as cool as the originals, and in fact, its probably gonna suck. And so here we are with Alien Vs. Predator.

In the comics, the Predator species “grew” Aliens for sport, since they made for such challenging prey. It’s still one of my fave ideas for a storyline.

I heard that the movie was NOT released to critics before its premiere, which can only mean one thing: the movie is BRILLIANT!

It had such potential, but from the sounds of it, such a waste.


Looks absolutely stupid like Freddy v. Jason.

[quote]ToShinDo wrote:
the battle on the Fields of Pellenor (around Minas Tirith) took place in The Return of the King. Helm’s Deep is the one from The Two Towers.[/quote]

Dammit, I always get those two mixed up. You’d think I would have learned by now.

And having seen AvP, I got exactly what I expected from it, so I’m perfectly happy.

Re: the inevitable Freddy vs. Jason comparisons… FvJ SUCKED SHIT. I’m a big fan of Friday the 13th, and a big fan of Nightmare on Elm Street, and a big fan of horror movies in general – but FvJ was such absolute crap it was effectively unwatchable. Really fucking stupid. AvP was actually fun to watch.

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The director has ruined every script they’ve given him.[/quote]

Event Horizon was the coolest fucking movie EVER, easily taking the crown from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.

Resident Evil was pretty fucking badass, too, although nowhere near as cool as EH.