A View On The War on Terror


Some interesting thoughts on the war on terror. The information is a little old, but still relevent. Curious to hear others opinion on this! Vroom… Zeb… Schrauper!!

Elk - I think your link is bad - I can’t get it to load.

Elk- I think your boy Venik had a problem with the vision thing, just like Dubbya’s Daddy. He saw the conflict developing in terms of old and Soviet doctrine. Well, we went the opposite way, and so far, it has worked.

The Taliban, or any guerilla outfit, will have a very hard time fighting a vastly superior force by trying to exist off of a very marginal resource base in the first place. They may have done some clever things, but I don’t think that they realized that Uncle Sam has many more tricks up his sleeve than Ivan did. Thousands of hightly trained and motivated Special Forces type guys can in fact cause them a lot more damage than a bunch of ill-trained and motivated conscripts who had no idea of why they were there in the first place. It’s truly a world of difference to have some special ops guys knowing they are hunting down and killing the bastards that sponsored the 9/11 attack, and a 19 year old Russian kid unaffected by the Soviet propaganda.

Osama, I don’t think, thought out very well the difference between basically harrasssing attacks at the periphery of American power versus the money shot aimed at the core. If he does go bigger the Middle East should look the fuck out. Imagine the fury we could rain down on the whole region if we mobilized for a conflict there as we did for WW2. Dude, we would in fact own it. What that would do to us on the other hand is another story altogether though.

I hear you Shrauper and I believe me I hope you are right. But, as you know with guerilla warfare all they have to do is fade into the background and bide their time. They aren’t going to meet us head on. A war of attrition played out until we are tired of the slow but mounting causalities.