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A Video of our Great New Commander in Chief



Our own president (elect) wont salute the flag.

Does that send a message?

Note: On the comments: "edwards did not salute the flag either."


At least Edwards lost...


Clearly he's anti-American...clearly...


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At least give him credit for not covering his ears.


Hmm... a man who, when he disagrees with something, will not simply knuckle under and do what is expected of him, but stands by his principles, even though he knows he's going to catch a shitstorm for it? Sounds like exactly the kind of person I'd want in the White House.


He disagrees with the American Flag? Dang.


FUck YOU! You Fuckin' Foreigner! Don't you fuckin' realize that Obama is as fucking anti-american as you fucking are fucker! Fuck!


Fuck.Those are lot of fucking fucks.


Well, there are boxer shorts and bikinis on sale with the american flag on it, so I can see some legitimate reasons why someone wouldn't salute his flag.



"Yes. One time he didn't. It was at an event in Indianola Iowa when Obama was photographed as the sole person on the platform not holding his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was being played. It is widely considered appropriate to stand in reverence of the flag even when one does not put ones hand over ones heart, which is what Senator Obama was doing at the event.

The implication, obviously, is that failing to display the proper hand-over-heart etiquette proves Obama is unpatriotic and therefore unfit to hold the office of president. Some have even speculated that it was an intentional gesture of dissent on the candidate's part, to which an Obama spokesperson replied on Inside Edition, "Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't [put his hand on his heart]. In no way was he making any sort of statement, and any suggestion to the contrary is ridiculous."


There are only two reasons, either he doesn't have a heart or he's not an american...




dude just doesnt like flags.


But he did hold his hands over his groins.


he...he has more than one? what a freak


Alpha Male.


Yeah ok.

The person who should be blasted is that who-are for that ridiculous rendition.

"Gave proo-whoof. We had proof through the niiIIIght"

"Oh it was still there"

Jesus that sucked.


I nominate you for today's "Weak Words".