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A Vida Boa

Just some random thoughts I had today.

I left the gallery with my friends fairly early. It was a small venue and he was only showing one painting, but there was a nice mix of young and old, hip and square at the place and the whole street had a really nice vibe. The exposure was good for him and he was over the moon. Myself, I saw some interesting pieces and enjoyed my friend’s enjoyment.

It was a little cold out as we left and as soon as we stepped outside we saw that a ska band had set up and started playing and a couple taggers were doing a couple of pieces live on canvas. Again, some kids, some teenagers, young families, cultural mix-wise you’ve got everyone from a pretty Iranian wearing a hijab to emo kids, fiftysomething artist types, single mothers et cetera. Your typical hip Cali art scene on a Saturday night.

A couple of pairs in traditional Mexican dress started dancing when the band really started getting down, and I realize I have a big goddamn goofy grin on my face for no reason, and I think;

“Damn. Life really IS good.”

Moments like those are what sustain me. Being surrounded by positive energy and my fellow humans inflamed with the simple joy of living. Briefly I felt myself at the absolute center of things. These are the good times.


I thought this thread was about a constrictor with a great ass…