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A Very Special Southpark

Did you guys see the new South Park episode about steroids? Jimmy (the retarded kid) compares taking steroids to pretending you’re handicapped to win the Special Olympics.

I thought it was hilarious, though grossly inaccurate.
I had to snicker when he was taking his steroids intravenously. What’d you guys think? I know P-dog will have some words.


that episode rocked. i love when he beat the crap out of his girlfriend and mom then stutters “ssee se se see you lal lalal later buh buh bitches” <- roid rage

You mean you there aren’t bottles marked “Steroids?”

did anybody notice that the song they’re playing when he’s getting ready for the olympics is the same song from scarface. very cool.

yeah man, a week of IV steroid use can make a retard into a superhuman

Yeah I did notice it was the same song when Tony starts making his cheese.

fucking hilarious episode!timmy and jimmy are my favorite characters. the best part is timmy only says one word but its still funny every time.

cartman was funny as hel in this episode as well. it was sweet when the lady asked him what his condition was and he responded " how the hell should i know im retarded!" lmfao!

the scarface music was sweet also. i thought i was the only one to notice that.


I really liked at the end when they showed McGuire and Bonds while they were talking about Jimmy was going to relinquish his records because he was a CHEATER. They just kept saying cheater and showing their faces. It was hilarious, like the episode when Butters’ mom tried to kill him and he showed back up at the house and they showed O.J. and kept yelling murderer and liar, hilarious stuff.

Bonds, McGwire, and Giambi had me lauging my ass off. It was the funniest episode I have ever seen.

Yeah that shit was funny as hell…I also thought I was the only one to catch the scarface music…IV roid use fuckin classic

hah ya p-dog that was funny, cartman’s “derrRRrrrr” retard face was hilariooooouuss.

and to top it off, almost giving me a stroke from laughing to hard, was dave chappele’s skit with the puppets (crackhead/herpies etc)

southpark, chappele, daily show, tough crowd, best lineup on tv!


The conversation between Timmy and Mr. Makey is absolutely genious.


That has to be the funniest eipisode ever.


Fack, i missed it!!

Timmy: Ti-may, Tim-ay

Jimmy: Dont you l-lecture m-me on the complexeties of sport, Timmy.

Thats a classic line.

The Roid rage scene was hillarious too.
And I was wracking my brain trying to figure out where the “Push it to the Limit” song came from…thanks to whoever posted it was in Scarface.

Not to hijack the thread, but did anyone see the episode where Marge Simpson was on the Juice? Equally hillarious…between C & Jing a couple of laundry baskets to beating that guy up in the Godfather scene…ahhh, I love legitimate the-ater.

Sonny it is comedy central so Im sure it will be on 100 times…I did’nt notice any anti-E`s in Jimmys cycle haha better watch out!! His roid rage was fuckin classic!!

yeah i saw the simpsons where marge juices. i loved when moe said “there aint enough alcohol in this bar to make you attractive,” then she beats the shit out of everyone and their mother.

again, a month of steroid use makes you into a champion bodybuilder.

WTF? I missed a Simpsons where marge juices? AArrrrrggghhhh! WTF???

IlCazzo, I actually found out that CC doesn’t do as many replays as you think, MOF I think they only play SP 1x a day.

You know what, I’m going to tvguide.ocm and looking it up

Lumburjack, the steroid simpsons pissed me off. I didnt think it was funny, just a lame attempt at a dying show to make fun of a group of people. The thing that really pissed me off is that the show pretended to know something about steroid when they didnt.

Southpark, on the other hand, is always innacurate and offensive, and is just sweet.

I swear South Park really puts a spin on current events that makes you almost piss yourself from laughing!!! Did you notice that Jimmy’s roid rage was just like the one in a little know, but still shitty, after school special that was on HBO starring nonother then Cartman’s left hand’s (aka J LO) boyfriend, Ben Affleck!!!
Two Words --> BEEFCAKE!!! & TIMMAY!!!