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A Very Special Episode of PT


Tonight, on Prime Time with Dan John, Dan will unlock a story of his past with shattering results...

Or, we can talk about lifting. And life.


Coach, since I started reading your articles I've simplified my strategy and made my workouts much, much harder*.

Rather than curse, I have the following comment about your latest article =

The piece on synergy presents a new paradigm that is 150% outside the box.

  • and hence more result-producing, I've noticed.


A quick question if you have time ...
I was wondering if you read the article by Louie Simmons on how he would train the Olifts. It was posted on another site. If I understood it correctly, he recs training the full lift at only 50-75% max to develope speed strength and use other lifts (variations of the lifts?) to max out and develope overall strength. Your opinion? And if you think it would be a training option, what would be your overall strength lifts. (if you have already addressed this please direct me to the site) Thanks, Mitch


Dan, got your DVD yesterday. Love it. I'm a bit sore this morning from practicing some of those carries yesterday. Thank you very much.
I've been foloowing the guidance on your web site since December. Now, I think it's time to see a coach in order to improve my oly lifting technique. It won't be easy to find one as I live on Mt. Fuji in Japan. Later and thanks for everything. jim



I know you don't like questions such as "how much weight should I use" so let me phrase my question this way. I like the idea of the Litvinov workout combining front squats and 400m runs. If I were to become a "virtual" part of your training group (actually, Utah ain't far from Colorado, but I don't think you'd want me to know where you live), how much weight would I be expected to handle and how many 400s would I be expected to run? Thanks.


Okay, you're just beating a dead horse with this.

Speaking of cliches and "corporate speak," apparently if you're a big corporation, you can actually make up your own words. My company has done just that - the word is "boundarylessness."


Good company speak there...

You will note I said "company speak," a new overworked phrase...


I've read the article a dozen times. The guys at crossfit, dragondoor and other places have found some of the same stuff. We call it the WTF Effect. It's "What the Heck Effect." You train on swings, rope climbs and waterskiing for a month, go to the gym and PR in the snatch. Why? Dunno...

So, the Simmons article (Conjugate Training) reverses himself. He stole a lot of info from O lifting and made it work (well) for powerlifting. In this article, he takes those lessons back to O lifting.

So, yes, it works. At the Olympic Gold level? Dunno. But, for me...yes.


Here you go:

Three Sets.

8 Front Squats with 115 pounds, run a 400.

Tally your total time and try not to stop on any of the runs. Also, don't stop before the FSs...rest during the run (aka...slow down).

That is what I have done a few times. I have gone heavier, but this is the best blend of weight and total workout that I found. More weight=worthless runs...

Of course, I run like a bear with crotch rot, so maybe I'm a bad example.


Don't get me started. Remember, all my degrees are in religious topics, so I have had my fill of bad mottos and bad invented words. My all time favorite word is a direct translation of what the old East Germans called General Prep Training.

General Manysidedness.

Love that word combo.


I remember once when I called you John Dan. That was cool. I figured lots of people would do it ... but in over a year, I have seen nobody else be so bold. Of course, I did it on accident. But now, in hindsight ... seriously, who could be that stupid? Not ever have I met nor even heard of a person with Dan as a last name. John seems to be more common. Your twin brother, Elton, comes to mind. How is the little fella?

Now that I have thought about it, I went and people searched yahoo with last name "Dan". Your evil-parallel-universe self lives in Brownfield, Maine and indeed goes by John Dan.

Back then, I also used to use a lot of curse words. Who knew that this place was going to become my home away from work? I can't change my screen name ... well ... I could get a new one. So I just took this Bastard thing, left off the rest, and it still seems to fit.

I mentioned something last week about boxes. Then your article came out. Which made me think about another guy here at work, a former boss of mine. I recall him speaking of "paradigm shifts." As he was jabbering away, I recall thinking [Homer Simpson voice], " ... hmmm, deadlifts."

I hear you know stuff about lifting stuff. T of F?



so have you guys seen that random corporate buzzword generator? it's 3 columns ... any word form the left column followed by any from the second column ... it's pretty entertaining ... some web page ... i can't find it.

as part of my job, i write proposals and request monies. so i have to provide justification. fortunately, the most cynical guy in the world works with me. he sends me really off-the-wall words (most of which i have to look up in the dictionary) and challenges me to work them in to my proposal packages. it's a challenge, but the results can be entertaining.

i know, we engineers are just insane.

my favorite word combo of all time:
violent relaxation

you might think that describes what happens to Coach when he passes out after an episode of carrying/dragging/uphill general candy@ssedness, but it's not ...

"Violent relaxation allows a collisionless stellar dynamical system to reach equilibrium by means of strong fluctuations of the mean gravitational potential."



We should have a contest on cliches and overworked terms...and most original idiotic concepts. I have a few gems from the fitness world...



Although, if it were multiple choice, I would have picked "c." I always pick "c."


Let me know how this goes for you, this is one of my "top secret" workouts. Don't let anyone know...


Dan, last year I worked with a Coach to learn the Snatch and C&J. Since then I've entered a few Master's Olympic Lifting meets. I would like to continue to do this, but I feel a need structure to my work outs. I like to plan in advance. I thought about periodizing - strength, hypertrophy, power etc. What are your thoughts on this? How long for each cycle, and what type of volume/intensity for each?

Can all three be accomplished in the same cycle?


Neil, on my site, I have an article for Masters O lifting. Go to Old Stuff and scroll down to about the middle.

All that stuff is nonsense for a Master. In fact, my first "Get Up" addresses this. You no longer have the leisure of charting stuff out. Hypertrophy might be something you do the week of the Nationals! (as a master)

Speed is your friend. Go fast with the bar. Make the bar make you flexible, so do a lot of light FSs and OvSqts. You might have to read my article (five minutes) then get back to me.


Thanks Dan, just went thru the first Get Up article. Couple of questions. The sample circuit routine, how many day's per week would or could someone do that?
In terms of the bodybuilding routine, are you suggesting to do some sort of bodybuilding a few weeks leading up to a competition? I think I read that somewhere (Arthur Dreschler).

Thanks for all the articles you contribute to T-Nation and the forums, Prime Time. Great stuff.


Dan, forgot to ask, how does someone determine the starting weights on the circuit? Do you start with 40% or 1RM. Could I use this on a GPP day?


Rule One: Your Mileage May Vary!!! You have to figure it out. Sorry.

In your other post, you asked about doing some BBing during a meet cycle. Yep. Read all of Louis Simmons' stuff for the exact answer. Mine: yep.