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A Very Serious Joke


Its Hallowed.
This is mah log.
I think we mostly all know each other already.

In the words of Winston Churchill: "A joke is a very serious thing"

This is my Song:

Brief background: Was very sick with Hypothyroidism and Reverse T3 syndrome until 2010. Got super fat, my hair fell out, slept ALL THE TIME, could barely work... I slept on my office floor on lunch breaks and would sleep in my car before I drove home - I felt too tired to drive home five miles safely. Heinosity. The Reverse T3 syndrome made it so standard supplemental T4 made me sicker and sicker. I finally found and went to my amazing doctor at Holtorf Medical Group on 4/17/2010.

Was in the gym 6/1/2010. I started with Body for Life... say what you will for me it was an awesome beginners program and got me lifting again for the first time since college. September 2010 I started working with a professional coach. He was great and I lost ALOT of weight with him. Right now I'm taking a break from active coaching.

Just switched up to 5/3/1 to focus on strength for Fall/Winter and will be doing quite a bit of BB accessory work also. I'm on the fence regarding cardio. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. We shall see how that pans out.

Age: 35
Height: five seven
Weight: around 140. I plan to stick around 140 all winter as long as my strength keeps going up.
Athletic History: Highschool swimming and soccer, Hobbyist Quad Roller Skater (srs LOL)
Goals: Build Muscle this winter without getting fatter. Like at all fatter.
Program: 5/3/1 plus BB accesssory work
Injuries: Healed up from strained lat but my DL is WAY OFF major working weight reset there.
Diet: I am eating around 2k calories a day here lately. More on this later.

I just finished my first cycle of 5 3 1. I am using blackironbeast.com calculator which allow sme to put in rep PRs as oposed to 1RM... I've never even attempted a 1RM so this is good for me. The info I put in the calculator is what I lifted my final workouts of cycle 1. I have lifted much higher on the DL but am trying to stay safe here still eskeered from my injury. Here is the info for my current cycle which I will be starting today:

Military Press (7reps x 75LBS)
Real 1RM 1x92 Wendler's Training Max 1x83

Bench Press (7reps x 95LBS)
Real 1RM 1x117 Wendler's Training Max 1x105

Squat (10reps x 145LBS)
Real 1RM 1x193 Wendler's Training Max 1x173

Deadlift (7reps x175LBS)
Real 1RM 1x215 Wendler's Training Max 1x194

Squat 1.5xBWx3 (about 210LBS)
DL 225x3 Then 2xBWx3
BP BWx1 (someday? LOL)
MP 135x1 (I don't know if this is realistic I just made it up)


Hallowed, I'm excited that you are logging and will look forward to following your strength building antics. Love the lingerie..VS cheeky panties??


Good numbers there, Hallowed. Quite impressive, actually.

That's wkat you get for training "the right way". Kudos for doing 5-3-1 (GREAT system. And versatile) and training for strength.


Indeed! I have recently acquired quite the lingerie collection. Based on my recent inspiration though upcoming pics will probably just be obnoxiously matchy matchy gym underwear.

Thanks Phil... Looking at that 1RM on Squat seems nuts but I never ever thought I could rep my BWx10 and I did it so... I'm sronger than I thought! My coach had me on uber high squat reps like five sets of 12-15 so the most I ever had on the bar before 5 3 1 was 115LBS. So, I AM training for strength but please be advised (STRONG NARCISSUS) I am physique oriented and if it comes to choosing between the two I suspect fitting in my pants will win.

EDIT: um, trying to make that video work... LOL


YAY!!!! I fucking <3 you!

Nice numbers you got there and I love the goals. You got that squat and Dl, no doubt.

You da shiz, bitch. Keep killing it, mama!


S'true! Iz here!

I got that squat PR the other night and had no one IRL to go to with it! Took it to TK but SRSLY I just need to be in here with mah peoples.



I could have written this exact sentence.

PRs are awesome, though. Congrats!


Woo hoo for your log!!!!!!!! I'll probably just get caught up reading here and forget about my log...I get distracted easily :slightly_smiling:


I will follow the shit out of this log.

For what it's worth, I recently started 5/3/1 myself and really like it. Military and DL 1RM went up 10/20lbs in 2 months. Like Wendler says, "simple and effective."


I followed scj here. He usually leads to some interesting places.

Keep up the great work Hallowed


I was Soooooo frakking happY! so happy. I sat down in the squat rack and had a lil cry. SRS. Then I picked up my phone to tell someone and... yeah posted it in TK LOL.

Oh hai! Hai! Hai! <3

Before 5 3 1 I was only doing DBBP and Seated DBShoulder Press... I suspect I may get some gains just from improved technique... we'll see. So far LOVE 5 3 1 I'm still able to do alot of accessory work though some of that may have to go as the lifts get heavier.


I e<3 U.



I'm so happy to see you posting again and your own training log now!!


Ask and ye shall receive!!! In for the love!

5/3/1 ftmfw





I've been waiting for a log by you! HURRY!!! :)!!!


How did you train to get those ears?



We can do anything!!!


You da best mister. Da velly velly best!

OH YOU! The girl with the legs of my dreams. I change my goal lifts to whatever your lifts are. That should keep me busy for a decade or so! OHP Day today after work will post tonight fo sho.

Those pointy ears are from me Gypsy Blood and can only be acquired by secret means Sista!
<--- look how pointy in that pic! U liiiiiike?

pic semi and broadly related


I'll hit it, I mean nice log will be following.