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A Very Provocative Article about Sarah Palin

Since I’m not exactly familiar with the intricacies of Alaskan politics, perhaps someone more informed might share some insight about the accusations in this rather provocative article about the Republican VP candidate? :

That’s not an article. That’s an op/ed piece by an animal rights activist. If he’s pissed off, that can only mean she is a normal westerner who loves to fish and hunt.

I hope he gets a lot more pissed off.

Holy God that was terrible. That’s so biased I feel like I might need to take a shower to clean myself and meditate to get the bad karma out of my soul.

[quote]Alaska isn’t really very hard to understand. It consists of a minority that loves the wilderness and an overwhelmingly Republican majority that wants to squeeze all the cash it can get out of the state before the oil dries up, the fish die out, and the wildlife disappears.

Nowhere else does the Republican formula of manipulating the suckers by playing on their silly hatreds and even sillier vanities play out more clearly than in Alaska.[/quote]

and check out this caption…

Seriously? I mean, seriously?! You can practically taste the vitriol. That’s even worse than hardline talk radio. I can’t believe a rational human being would even begin to give this guy or this site any time.

Here’s another quote from them

What kind of serious news organization, even small one, drops the f-bomb in their publication? And they want to be taken seriously??

Please tell me you don’t actually read this site seriously. Tell me this is a joke.

There is nothing provocative or even remotely useful about this article.

The trophy room, by the way, is fantastic.

I didn’t read it, but from the excerpts it seems to be of the “Republicans want to nuke gay baby whales” variety.

don’t forget to add “…for Jesus” to that Sloth.

[quote]Aragorn wrote:
don’t forget to add “…for Jesus” to that Sloth.[/quote]

Oh yes, how could I forget about that.

I love the irony of this scumbag’s tabloid being too left-wing for the Russians to allow.

More provocative nonsense.

“Bitch power.”


[quote]thunderbolt23 wrote:
There is nothing provocative or even remotely useful about this article.

The trophy room, by the way, is fantastic.[/quote]

Yes and I hope that youngster is not only petting dead animals, but shooting live ones soon and making them dead. Nothing like eating game you’ve bagged your self.

Anybody who ever gets to Long Island has to go see Teddy Roosevelt’s house there. That’s a trophy room for the ages.