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a VERY embarrassing question

I’m taking in about 250 to 300g of protein per day (5’8", 200 pounds), but all that protein kind of…well…makes me very gaseous (to the point of obnoxious).

The majority of my protein comes from EAS’s Myoplex and regular whey protein mixed with water. Occasionally I’ll add some peanut butter to add a little fat, but other than that my shakes are pretty bland.

Any suggestions??!! My wife is ready to start making me sleep outside!

I find that only “discount” protein does that. No problems with Grow!, but those cheap tubs have caused me to kill at least three house cats. I stick with better quality stuff now to save the pets.

Hey bud,
I too had the same problem, mine came from the minor amount of lactose ingredients in myoplex. (also, lots of air bubbles if shaken vigorously) I found that Isopure makes an MRP without any lactose, and have not had the problem since. It’s not quite as thick, and the tropical fruit blends taste great. Best of luck w/ the wife!! LOL

Try using a digestive enzyme. Omnigest EZ is good as is Beano

You know, I didn’t even realize there was lactose in my shakes at all, but I looked at the ingredients again and there it was!!! I took a dairy-eaze pill with my mid-morning shake and so far so good. Thanks!! My wife will thank you, too!

I don’t have any recommendations but i have the same problem and let me tell you it sucks when you have to get up in the middle of class and come back ten minutes later.

Myoplex gave me gas but when I switched over to Grow! I no longer had that problem. That’s the main reason I like Grow!. The taste is OK but it is the only protein powder that doesn’t give me gas.

I can eat all the protein I want and not get gassy, but as soon as I take in too many calories, ie in a bulking phase, I get gas like crazy.

Grow has glucono-delta-lactone, which is magic stuff that helps you digest the proteins. I believe a few other MRPs use it under the brand name Aminogen. If you don’t like Grow, start with small amounts of protein each day and slowly increase as your system becomes accustomed to it.

Since we’re on the topic of proteins and I don’t want to open a new thread,what do u all think of Designer Whey protein?Heck,if I had money,I’d buy Grow but I am only freshman in college.

You call that embarrassing?

I call that nothing compared to the time i had to figure out how to get that damn wart off my dick!

By the way, leave burning unwanted skin to certified professionals

Fiber fiber fiber. Here’s the plan you take a huge shit once in a while and then there is less ca-ca fermenting in your bowels. Which means no gas. Or super stinkies as I call em. :slight_smile: