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A Ukrainian Summer


Our spring football lifting program has just finished, and our summer training and SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) begin mid June; therefore, I will just work out myself during these 4 weeks except for the days of wrestling and football camp. We max again for football during the middle of August. All this thread is good for is just comparing lifts and tracking progress.

Current stats:
5'11" and 198 lbs.
Clean- 250 lbs
Bench- 240
Squat- 385
(40 yard and vertical are being tested tomorrow.)

I honestly have no specific goals for now. I am just going to see how strong and how big I get for the next couple months. I'll judge my weight increases according to how much I am currently lifting, not how much I "want" to lift.

So, I will check back periodically for updates. Feel free to ask any questions. That's all that this thread is good for. Oh, and it serves as proof that I still am pretty weak.


Well, I said I would update it, so I guess I will.

Current Stats:
5’11" and 203 lbs.
Clean- 270 (This went up the most)
Bench- 250
Squat- 400

Not too great, but I have to live with it now.


Wanna race to a 315 Bench? Right now I’m at 225. It’ll be something we can motivate each other with and yet still be assholes to each other. You in?