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A Typical Joe DeFranco Day

I just read a great article by Joe DeFranco on elitefts about a typical day for him.

I think I am busy but wow does he get through alot everyday.

Makes me appreciate the time and care given by the T-Mag coaches who write here for us when they have such busy days. I never realised how much these coaches actually do in a day.

So here’s my thanks to all you guys who give out such great information here.


Oh my god. After Joe listens to his 6 voicemails, then after that he says “Contemplate suicide…”…hahahahah shit I couldn’t stop laughing after that. But other than that, it’s true, he has an incredibly busy schedual especially with going to sleep so late “1:50am” then getting up early again. But he’s put his mind to it, and since he’s done that, NOTHING WILL STOP HIM!

dl- Good job to all coaches, appreciation indeed.