A Typical Day for Me, Feedback?

I am going to post this from a different angle. Rather than tell you what my goals are I want to tell you what my typical daily nutritional intake & workout regime is and have you tell me what you think I am trying to accomplish (I am doing this as to not pre-dispose you to believe one way or another).

2 eggs
1 serving turkey
1 serving reduced fat cheese
1 serving walnuts
1 serving berrys (blueberrys, raspberrys, blackberrys)

1 carb rite protein bar (9 grams carb, 15 protein, rest is fat)

2 chicken breasts
2 servings of mixed/steamed veggies

1 apple
3 tbsp peanut butter
4 celery stalks

1 serving fish
1 serving beans
1 serving avocado
2 beers

*I drink water, diet coke and straight black coffee throughout the day. I have no idea what the total calories above are…all I know is that I am never famished or packed. Supps are basic, multi-vitamin, fish oil, creatine CEE.

I am 40 years old, 5"7", 175 lbs, about 12 % bodyfat (I am guessing…you can see my abs so I am not “fat”) and I am currently on the Gironda 8x8 workout 5x per week no other exercise…but I just came off an 8 week GVT. If I continue this diet/workout schedule what do you think my results will be? Gain muscle? Lose fat? Gain fat & muscle? I know its impossible to be exact without knowing my metabolism…just asking from a “generally speaking” point of view.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of food for a lot of volume on the workouts. I’d worry that your muscles will fall off. Depends on how large a “serving” is I guess.

The beers can’t be helpful (coming from a one beer a day guy).

If you’re having trouble with low-ish carbs, you could consider going very low or higher carbs. Or cycling/refeeding.

… and now I’m bored with this guessing game.

Well I am trying to walk that elusive tightrope of gaining some muscle without getting any fatter. I am not so bold as to try to gain muscle AND lose fat at the same time. I was just trying to get enough protein/cals in to ensure I could gain muscle without overloading and getting any fatter. I am estimating I am bringing in about 200 grams of protein per day. That being said, I have no dreams of every stepping on a bodybuilding stage…the beer stays haha!

Been lifting for 20 years steady and always focused on powerlifiting and/or heavy weight low rep stuff. I was thinking the Gironda 8x8 with extremely light weight but high reps might give my body a shock after years and years of 5x5 or 5x3 stuff. Example chest/back day I do 64 reps on each exercise: incline press, floor press, db flyes, wide grip dips and crossovers along with wide grip pulldowns, tbar rows, seated rows, and face pulls. That is considerably more volume than the bulk of my training which was typically: TBTx3 times per week 5x5 of each. Example: Day 1: Squat/Push Press/Bent Row Day 2: Deadlift/Bench Press/DB Row Day 3: Stiff Leg DL/Weighted Chins/Bar dips.

Through the years I got very strong and fatter than i wanted on the 3x per week 5x5 plan (up to 195 lbs). Switched to Huge In A Hurry (Get lean program) and dropped cut my carbs waay back. Dropped 25 lbs., maintained my strength somehow, and now have decent abs. So I don’t want to lose all that. But, I would like to add some muscle now. So that is my typical daily diet…hoping this will get me where I want to go.